Francesco Molinari, Tiger Woods and Justin Rose reflect on ‘incredible’ Open Championship

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It’s just disbelief. Like I said,
to look at the names on that Claret Jug, obviously, what can you say?
It’s the best golfers in history, and to be on there, it’s incredible.
From someone like me coming from Italy, not really a major golfing country,
it’s been an incredible journey. I know that it’s gonna
sting for a little bit here. But given where I was to
where I’m at now, blessed. I told them I tried and I said hopefully
you’re proud of your pops for trying as hard as I did. It was pretty emotional
because they gave me some pretty significant hugs there, squeezed, and
I know that they know how much this championship means to me and how
much it feels good to be back playing again, and to me it’s just so special to have them
aware because I’ve won a lot of golf tournaments in my career,
but they don’t remember any of them, and so for them to understand what
I was doing early in my career and only they’ve seen my struggles and the pain
I was going through. Now they just want to go play soccer with me,
and so that’s … man, it’s such a great feeling. It just kind of proves to me that
I can play well in this tournament, that I can win The Open, and when
I’m in the hunt I enjoy it, I play my best golf I don’t back away, I don’t shy away from it,
I really enjoy it. It was great to get the crowd behind me. Like I said
yesterday, I hadn’t really felt the energy of the crowd
in a while here in an Open so that was really a lot of fun and
a big positive for me, and it’s kind of just renewed the love
of The Open a bit for me.


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