Fix Your Golf Swing Plane For Straighter Shots

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Fix your golf swing plane for straighter
shots. Have you looked at your swing on video
and feel like your golf swing plane is off? You can’t hit the ball straight. In this
next video I’m going to show you exactly how to fix it and get you hitting the
golf ball straight again, I’ll see you soon. Hey it’s Troy from
here. So in this video I’m going to be
talking about how to fix your golf swing plane so you can hit straight golf
shots. Now usually you’ll know your golf
swing is off plane or you’re having trouble with this if you’ve looked at it
on video you can see that you’re getting the angles all incorrect and that’s
causing a lot of your inconsistency in your golf game. So I’m going to go through
in a bit of detail what you should be aiming for in your golf swing plane and
some great ways to fix it and hit the golf ball much better. Let’s get into it. Okay, let’s look at some ways we can fix
your golf swing plane. Now before I get
into that I just want to quickly explain what is the golf swing plane just so you
get a good idea of it. So from down this
line here. If I’m set up to a ball here. As I’m set up to address my golf swing
Plane, if I was to draw a line from where that ball is where that club is right
through the club right through my body that would be my golf swing plane. Now
this obviously differs for everyone because we’re different heights, shapes
and sizes. But for me that would be my
golf swing plane. Now in an ideal golf
swing what we want to be doing is that clubhead would stay back on that plane
line on the way back it will stay parallel to it all the way
up to the top then on the way down it stays on that golf swing plane line all
the way through to finish and matches up again right at the end. Now obviously
that’s extremely difficult to get it perfect all the way through but in an
ideal world that’s what we’re trying to do. Get that golf club somewhere on that
golf swing plane particularly in the downswing. It’s critical and helps you play
more consistent golf. Look at golfers
like Jim Furyk, Freddy couples for example. Their swing planes are very different. They
they come very high and outside the swing plane at the top but then on the
way down they get the club right on plane and hit the golf ball. So there is more than one way to do it. But the purpose in this video that’s
what we’re aiming for keeping that club on plane so you can play more
consistent golf. We want to be avoiding
taking the club too far inside or too far outside and making the job of
staying on plane much more difficult. So
I’m going to go through a few different ways you can improve your swing plane so
you can play better golf. So the first
thing I want to talk about is the distance your elbows are apart through
your backswing and your downswing. A lot
of golfers will get into trouble when their elbows will get wider on the way
back and on the top and then on the way through and that causes a lot of
inconsistencies with your swing plane. So a great thought is to try and feel
like your arms stay relatively the same distance apart from the top all the way
from the start at the top to the way down not until post-impact they’ll get a
bit wider apart. So if I’m just set up to
one here. I feel like they’re much the
same distance apart as I go to the top and on the way down and on the way
through that will keep your swing on a much better plane. And another thought on
those elbows on my backswing to feel like my right elbow is marginally higher
than my left or they do look fairly much the same. Probably try to get this
right run just a tiny bit higher but on the way down I want this right elbow to
be little lower than my left and I’ll show you what I mean. Since I go back there’s my backswing you
see they’re much the same there. But this
is the real key. On the downswing as I
come down as I shallow you’ll see there my right elbow gets lower then the left. I’m able to get on a nice plane inside
path to the golf ball. Now if you’re just
the opposite you’re someone that comes down steep your left elbow we’d be
getting higher than your right and look like this. I said that the wrong way around. The
right elbow is getting higher than the left so you’ll look like this. You’ll see
the right elbow getting above the left and you’ll be cutting across the golf
ball. So you want to be doing on
that way down to get this golf swing on plane and get that right elbow lower than
the left then you’ll come through on an inside path. That’s a great little
thought to help you stay on plane better. A real to fix your golf swing
Plane. I’ve got a little station set up
here which I’m just going to show you in just a moment, but a real important part
of maintaining a better golf swing plane is staying in posture. And what I mean by
that is if I’m set up here if I make a golf swing and I mean lifting up I’m
changing dramatically my height my distance from the ball it’s going to be
really difficult to maintain a good swing plane. So what I mean by that is if
I’m like I’m set up from this to a ball here on my certain distance from the
golf ball now if I make a swing you see I’ve got a nice posture but if I make a
swing and I stand up I changed my posture then on the way down I might
change my posture I might make a decent backswing on the way down I stand up I
changed my posture that changes your spine angle and that makes it really
difficult to keep your golf swing on a really good plane. So really important I
put above this video of going into detail about early extension and a great
drill in that video that will help you stay in
posture better which helps you fix your golf swing plane. But for this video
I’ve got an alignment stick stuck in the ground here. I’d highly recommend you get
hold on one of these is a great for training for practicing at home for
getting improvement in your golf game. Put it about two foot behind my
golf ball here now the idea of this is this is to help me keep my golf swing on
a better plane in particular on my downswing but also helps great on your
backswing. So what I’m going to be aiming
to be doing I just want to make a swing here not hit that alignment stick but on
the way down I want to feel our alignment stick gets really close to that comes
through on the inside and I match that club up at the finish. What I don’t want
to be doing if you’re someone that pulls your club inside like this you’re going
to crash straight into that. But the idea
of this is to stay as close to possible as that stick on the way down. This is a great little training aid I
encourage you to practice for at least five minutes today and just doing about 20 to 25
reps practicing keeping your swing on plane. Just for the use of an alignment
stick can go one step further and put the same sort of alignment stick on the
follow-through just to make sure you keep your swing on plane on the
follow-through and that will really help you stay on plane and hit much
straighter golf shots. Drop a comment
down below if you’ve tried this golf swing plane drill to play better golf. Maybe you’ve tried another drill
relating to the swing plane that’s really helped you out. Drop a comment
down below, I will reply to every comment. Now you know how to fix your
golf swing plane for straighter shots. Now before you go, very important. Above
this video I’ll have a couple of additional videos that talk about the
golf swing plane and shallowing out the golf swing which tie in with your golf
swing plane. Make sure you check those
out. Below this video I have a link to my
free 3 secret moves video, it’s 100% free make sure you click on that. there’ll be another link to some
additional golf instruction make sure you check that out. If you have any
questions or comments about this video or just anything in general about your
golf swing please put them down below and I
will reply to every single one of them. Thanks so much for watching, see you next


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