Fitting Friday with Lee Westwood – Episode Three: Putter

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Hi I’m Lee Westwood. We’re here at Close House and I’m here to
surprise 5 PING customers and prove to them that fitting matters. So today we’re going to look at putting. We’re going to use our device which is called
iPING. We’re going to attach it to the shaft of the
putter. It will measure the consistency of your putting
stroke. Sorry. How are you? Yeah good, thank you. You? You getting in my way there? Yeah, I was a little bit. Sorry Lee, what do you look at when you decide on
your putter, shape, what suits your eye? I think the first thing I look for is the
shape of it, whether it looks good. The grip, the feel, the weight of it, I like
a putter that’s a little bit heavier. This takes into account your putting accuracy. Impact angle is a little bit open. So you’re actually adding loft to the putter. So we’re looking for something with more alignment,
a slightly bigger head, but a slight arc, slight toe hang putter is going to best suit
your game. If you want to hit a couple of putts just
to get a bit of a flavor for it. So you can see, your consistency is drastically
improved. Your putting handicap has dropped. Chances are you’re going to find yourself
holing more putts. Well now you’ve got your putter fitted, should
we have a little bit of a challenge? Yeah. You rolled a couple in, I saw that. Yeah. You worried? Chance to tie. That’s a better roll. Really enjoyed it. It was nice to meet Lee and have a putt against
him with the new putter and the technology. Hopefully it’ll help me improve my putting
and be more consistent.


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  1. Chris W

    July 30, 2018 5:32 pm

    Used the Redwood Anser since it was launched, just bought the Tyne H for a 2nd putter just incase I fancy a swap every now and then


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