Field Hockey’s Laura Gretz and Ali Bishop on 2018 Season

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our goals for the season is to obviously make it back to the ODAC final we’ve been really pushing to do that since Tessa and i’s freshman year and we think that this year we have a really strong team to be able to do that we’ve been flowing incredibly well during practice and we kind of just get on the field are really intense and we do game intensity during practice which is really important so that’s why I think this year will definitely be really successful I’m really excited for this season we’re already starting off energy is really high the potential that we have is great we’re gonna take it game by game one of our goals this year is to be undefeated at home we just wanted to have that goal just to emphasize our Bridgewater pride and something for us to work towards and obviously one of our goals is to make it to the championship so we’re gonna take it game by game and we’re gonna work hard every practice and I think it’s gonna be a great year


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