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Take over the world! Hodges looking that way now throws over
the middle caught by Clarke Miller with plenty of room to run 30, 25, 20 the 15 to the 10 yard line. Clarke Miller a pick up of 34 yards for the junior from Tampa,
Florida Hodges takes the snap rolling right
throws over the middle caught touchdown Samford. Chris Shelling against double
coverage beat ‘um both. It didn’t matter as Chris Schilling makes the touchdown
catch. His fifth of the year and Samford takes the lead with 33 seconds left in
the half. Pressure by Gooden, hits Riley as throws and it is intercepted! Jamond Glass with the interception and is rolled down
at the 24 yard line. Just like that Samford forces a massive turnover to set
their offense an excellent field position Hodges takes the snap against pressure throws it up on the fade route for
Shelling. Jump ball and off the deflection it is caught! Touchdown
Samford! What a play on the ball in the air by Chris Shelling. It looked like it
could have been intercepted instead Shelling fights it away from the corner,
Cam Locke to secure it in the back of the end zone for a Samford touchdown. Shelling “Well
I knew it was coming to me and coach drew it up and so I stuck him once. I’ve
seen the ball in the area was kind of under thrown. I seen he grabbed it but
I seen I had a chance to grab it as well. So I tried to snatch it and then it
popped up I was like oh yeah this is my chance. So I snatched it and I just knew it was mine for the touchdown.” Big spot for both sides. Play-action. Riley under pressure fumbles the football
and Salmon’s got it! Shaheed Salmon with the pressure, the hit, the force fumble. Hey just do it all yourself big fellow Shaheed Salmon with the recovery as well
Samford answers a turnover with a forced one of their own. Hatcher “Fortunately for us our defense rose to the occasion each and every time they were asked to today for
an awesome awesome day so I’m extremely excited but more importantly I’m excited
for our players.” Harris “I mean it was just worrying about our job and what we had
to do you know we didn’t we weren’t really worried about what was going on
other sides of the ball. We were just worried about defense especially. So you know just
focusing on what we had to do and doing our jobs to the best of our ability.”
Third and long Riley drops back to pass looking right, now flushed out of the
pocket going down to the end zone is it a safety? It is! Brett Granger gets home on the pass rush and Samford has their second safety of the afternoon
that seals the deal and in a day that the defense has dominated only fitting
that the defense comes up with a play that seals it. Hatcher “Well it’s big for our team because it was a next game that we played and we needed it you know we
didn’t play very well last week but came out today and we had a lot of guys that
didn’t make the trip and a lot of guys today stepped up and played really well.” Harris “It just feels really good especially coming off that loss this week at practice you know coach emphasized just do the little things and and work hard
and give effort every day consistently and that’s what we did we have a good
week of practice and they showed on the field.” How ’bout cha’ Bulldogs! Hey it was a workmanlike effort. Ok? I know it was hot out there and we just did what we had to do each and every play to win the ball game and that’s what I’m extremely proud of you
guys about and for you guys that haven’t played a lot that were forced into
action this week because of the injuries and the circumstances that came across
this team hey also awesome job let’s give it up for them But I would imagine… that there ain’t nothin’ like … bein’ a Samford Bulldog… on a Saturday night… after a big win! Dogs! Exercise!


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