Fastest Man In The World Kyle Berkshire | Can He Hit A Putter Over 300 Yards?


we have the one the only fastest man in
the world Kyle Berkshire are you kidding me
dude that was sick what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day out here with
the one the only Berkshire fastest man in the world a
ball speed that you create is truly impressive it is incredible
we’re gonna bring you along for three holes today hope y’all enjoy watching
this guy drive this scream here number four out here and 400 yards
you got that in the back are you serious still in the air and it is still in the
air that’s absolutely incredible that was absolutely insane I’m nowhere near
that far driver and hand all sunglass catch I’ll take that
probably about 80 yards behind so after Kyle hit that shot there he wants to try
this wooden persimmon Club how far you think you can hit that I didn’t get a
really close to 350 reasonable to try let’s see let’s go kid hi let it fly dude that was absolutely insane right on
the screws right on the screws dude that was incredible
yeah I think it see that they’re probably like 60 yards short all and it
was about 40 yards so right around all right so here’s where mine ended up yes
that is my normal Drive Kyle this is your persimmon Drive over here about 30
in front of my normal Drive I’ve got like 80 yards left so I
probably have mine 320 it’s not bad no I think you’ve ever been at 340 350
yeah it’s about what I thought you know I kind of pretty square now you really
just got to do for me to get up and down and they do that 18 times you’d be
looking pretty good that’s right he also got a ton for roll right there little
backspin little side spend a little short little left got a putt
for birdie though very nice drive sir a little right but not bad
got a great look at the green what’d you say 40 yards left love it dude
what a shot what kind of putter is that sir so this is actually the putt I used
to hit at 300 yards real is the putter I had was stolen at the PGA show that’s
not good yeah so if I don’t Pablo I’m just gonna blame it on this all right
perfect oh good line you’re not just a few feet thanks sir I’ll take that good speed tap
this in for the bar never a doubt great roll sir yes sir dude that is on the green that skipped
over the bunker that is awesome right why was a tremendous amount of backspin
it’ll rise like way up okay dude if that goes in dude if that went in that’s
ridiculous so we’re even par through one whole
couple of pars we’re onto another par for it we skipped the part three cuz
let’s be honest I just want to see you hit along no one cares about my shirt
but I mean you got a little to do a little bit that’s right that’s right
so tell me a story either how you got started in a long drive the longest
drive you ever hit I don’t know something along those lines well so in
the story I’ve told a lot I played to use for University North Texas golf team
and we were doing some qualifying for a tournament and so we were playing and I
was a team you know nine guys three threesomes and we try to finish up so we
combined on the 17th hole in the 17th hole I’ve been looking forward to all
day because it was a downwind par-5 flat straight away and I just told the guys
I’m gonna hit this ball as hard as I can I still just a thing that was the most
lost ripoff ever hit in my life and it ended up I think it was like 418 yards
they paced it out too and it was long and everyone else a team by like 70
yards and then from then on no one cared about anything but my driver got a long
drive club and went to my first event won it and then the rest is history
that is ridiculous 418 yards out driving probably some long hitters by 70 yards
oh yeah I mean that’s incredible y’all don’t already follow Kyle
Berkshire you need to I’ll drop his Instagram and a link in the description
down below so check them out we’ve got a couple more holes I think he’s gonna try
a stinger driver here on this yeah I think we’re gonna do a stinger riser cut
swapping for that let’s see it absolutely I’ve got my popcorn ready okay you’re good you’re good that might be the most impressive thing
I’ve ever seen in my entire life that was insane I mean that thing was like 10
to 15 feet off the ground Rose just a bit cut maybe 70 yards right around
there yeah something like that that was pretty awesome tape and it’s in play
he’s got a little flipple edge into the green stinger should be in good shape right there I
also want to take a second to say thank you so much – tranquilo
for having us out today this place is incredible your greens fairways this
place is legit push for January yes absolutely this is in the wintertime
can’t wait to come back here sometime in the spring or summer check it out this
is a par 4 in case r1 and announced that on the T pretty straight away
stinger was hit well roughly 135 yards kind of a front left pin location 94 to
the center 84 okay jump a bit I’m playing 81 81 yards this really is not
bad to intentionally play a 70 yard cut it ended up in great shape wedge clear
shot to the green just all flip wedge for you yeah maybe I should just start
playing very nice
I used to be so locked in yeah of my wedges cuz I spent like probably ten
hours training every day the one that happily and I would say at least half
that times the wedges aurelion I am right here tiles right
over there dude you can hit wedges – you got the full game it’s all you need man
driver wedge putt love it break in there pin slammer hmm
let’s go but a break there we gave it a run it’s
all I can do giving Iran ah we’re in with the four in the slammer
let’s go pin slamming birdie from Kyle second hole dude you’re 1-under through
the two holes we’ve got one more hole to play it’s a par 5 coming up but I wanted
to ask you what did it mean to you to win the world championship world number
one fastest in the world it was a life-changing week but you know honestly
leading up to that my life had already started when I want at obviously
expectations were high you just kind of learn how to deal with the stress all
week and then gotten to the round 16 hit my fallen and scraped through there and
then I just kept going and then as the round started getting you know down
closer to the final match just like you know I think I got this and then when I
hit my winning shot I actually thought I was gonna go out and then I just saw the
ball tail out back right a little bit like I’m gonna win the World
Championship ever since then it’s been life-changing
for me because people take you a little more seriously I think when you have a
role not to say that you don’t have a real toy you’re not taken seriously I
think I think it just gives you the ability to kind of enhance your
portfolio and enhance your audience and that’s kind of been the best part about
is like I can really reach more people with distance in with golf in general so
it’s really been a phenomenal year and I’m very fortunate person and I’m
definitely hopeful that my fortunes going in the right direction the ball
speed in person the sound is like nothing I’ve ever heard
the ball leaves the face and I’m kind of scared our five number seven get high
let it fly I want to see this thing just sent sir
Oh time out our way it is that’s right that is the longest straightest golf
shot I’ve ever seen in my life I’ll take that literally never left the middle of
fairway the ball there soap Here I am really happy with that tee shot however
probably 50 or 60 behind all right right here 250 yards the pin is kind of back
there in the dark but it does set to the right just a little bit 250 yards didn’t
come here to lay up let’s go maybe just a little to the right should
be a good opportunity for an up and down bird one of my favorite things is when
playing someone else and I Drive by significant amount the drive from their
bottom eyeball it’s long enough for them to actually be an uncomfortable silence
yeah that’s just exactly what happened right there yep uh-huh
here’s his ball 2:05 left that was into the wind all right so you’ve got roughly
2:15 left to it back and what club is that for you baby 7 an easy 7 into the
wind from 215 that’s ridiculous that was hit hard
heading for the right side of the green should be pretty good that was the
loudest 7-iron at impact I’ve ever heard in my life only on every single shot so here is
mine i roughly have 25 yards left I was kind of a front edge of the green Kyle
hit that 7-iron into the wind long in the pen I could miss a 225 yards 7-iron
just off the green up and down for a second pin slammer of the day you got
that back that’s right let him in the door for a camera dropper
dude what a chip this guy can play you left the camera dropper short he’s in
the top two said for his second pin slammer in three holes always nice
playing with the wildlife that’s right we’ve got some spectators over there
must have heard some shots going off they sure did Oh thought I was gonna get a pin slammer
there that’s par for me pin slammer pence lever dude great playing that was
awesome couple under in those three holes we’re gonna do a couple little
shots here have a little bit of fun okay we’re gonna have a little fun he’s gonna
hit a flop shot it’s gonna hang in the air for a very long time and then he’s
gonna embarrass me by hitting a putter further than my driver sure I’m in well
people always want to see me with the putter so I mean you know it’s my short
game right absolutely let’s go so how far is this gonna go in
the air this will go somewhere between a hundred yards to probably land somewhere
around this pin from there this is basically being a try-hard with the flop
shot love it six seconds of hang time I’m
ready to see it this is incredible I mean this is this is incredible
seriously and he just hit that to five feet it didn’t have any forward press on
that ball mark at all I trusted him I trusted him he was laughing at us
because we were immediately scrambling I was trying to spot it and kind of film
it it’s not easy like I lost it probably one of the highest ones
honestly I’ve ever done I think that might have gotten close to a hundred
that was way up there it looked like a full full full lob wedge sent to the
moon but from like 20 yards yeah that’s one of the shots where it goes higher
than it goes far be great to get the track made on that one yes we need to do
that all right so now it’s time for me to get embarrassed by him hitting a
putter further than my driver I guess I signed up for this gonna be fun it is
it’ll be more fun than correct oh they’re always having fun out
here that’s why I’m out here it’s fun exactly
hey guys how’s it going I didn’t see him either I think you do Hickory chef so
you’re gonna hit the hickory shaft we’ll hit that one first and in the putter and
then the putter challenge all right let’s see what you got
you might snap this shaft on the way down because I’ll give it I’ll lean on
this one Tom Morris did not know the capability of his driver that was good
so solid that held up it held up old Tom do you impress me let’s see this putter
again this thing right here I’m gonna say you’re gonna hit it 305 about right
we can catch a good generally carry about 290 okay if I can get a little
roll we might see 320 all right let’s see it
I need to hit a good one to even keep up are you kidding me there’s no way I honestly don’t know if I can compete
with that that putter was hit so far I need everything in the bag with this
driver tee at high let it fly I don’t know I hit that one pretty
decent hit leap just a little right but we didn’t speculate that it had to
be in the fairway just the longest hit ball we’re gonna go find out what is
your swing speed with a putter so I bounced between about 118 to 123 I was
probably about 120 right there 180 ball speed divided guess probably 1800 spin
10 launched probably seven or eight pop on it okay hopefully over 300 yards I
hit mine pretty decent I think I lost to a putter we’re gonna find out so we are
walking up here I did just miss the fairway it is right here in the rough I
didn’t get much roll on that it did laying right there so and right over
here is Kyle’s I don’t know man that’s pretty close that is pretty close you
are in the grid I am NOT in the grid and you hit it with a putter we were going
total distance but you hit that so well and hit the fairway I think it was just
over 400 so I probably about 305 310 right where I thought great shot I’ll
give you the victory on this one I’ll take it I’ll take all the edges liked in
that please check that dude it’s been great hangin out really enjoyed having
you on the channel got to see some huge drives make sure to check him out
Instagram where is your first event gonna be for this year I have in the
summer Invitational that’s going to be March 10th I think at I see Club Country
Club the first event on the actual tour and I believe is gonna be April 10th or
11th in Arizona and we got eight events on TV another few that are probably not
televised okay and follow me Instagram I will keep you guys updated and I think
it’s gonna be one heck of a season I’m looking forward to I’m pumped to follow
along see you bring home another belt thanks again for coming on the channel
and y’all until next time we’ll see you when we see ya


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