El giro 360º en balonmano playa | Beach Handball 360º spin (ES + EN subs.)

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Today we are speaking about the spin. This is another spectacular action in Beach Handball. You can also score two points when achieving a 360º-goal. The spin in the air must be a complete one. If not, the referee will award only one point for your team. The spin can be done by jumping with both feet or with only one foot. When jumping, the feet must be directed at the centre of the goal, as well as the hips when shooting. The approach to the jump must be in short steps and without too much pressure when stepping the sand. After jumping, the body position must change so that the player is up in the air as long as possible. But surely the player must also keep an eye on the goalkeeper to foresee his/her actions.


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  1. Victor Lopez

    November 15, 2014 11:36 am

    El giro con un pie, no tiene ninguna condicion? Es decir solo se tiene qe estar con el pie dirijido hacia la porteria y ya??? Saludos dedes México.


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