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hello assalamualaikum how are you everyone you are watching he rejects the board this is my youtube channel today i want to show you four ICC World Cup 2018 four billion so guys this weekend you can use for Ibis dream it’s also purpose okay let’s go to face top open so guys we go to play store this is the VPN name is Eagle lip Ian free unlock proxy so where’s this VPN why were installed this between because this open is good for you can for livestream okay so let’s go stolen it’s already – toll on you oh just clicked open just we click for allow so guys you can see here isn’t it funny writing is not not connected which is click to connect press ok you can see this this is already connected so guys this is a very good HAP’s I hope you enjoyed this BPM so just NZ as you can see our page G its mean it’s connected already so guys this is your tech support if ur new my channel please subscribe thank you for helping my channel just subscribe here [Music]


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  1. UAE Tech Support

    June 28, 2019 6:29 pm

    Thank you so much for visiting my channel have a good day please subscribe my channel https://bit.ly/2DLawVO


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