Dunwoody Engineering Drafting & Design Students Make Golf Putters #BornToDo

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This project is kind of an interesting
fun one. We were told to design a golf putter. The process for the putter is
first its research, finding out what you need to put in a putter, what the rules
are and its design. E ssentially it’s a concept where you design an alignment
plate that you could have different designs on there for preferences and
you’re able to switch it on and off the different designs on your putter. I wanted a multi-piece putter with a ring
that’s removable so you can if it’s too heavy for someone you can take weight
off, or you can add weight if you want and I wanted a large face so anyone
could use it and then I painted it metallic blue so it looks cool. The
putter project has been going on for a number of years. Originally it started
out as just a 3D printing project, but that first year even with the correct
weight hitting a golf ball with a plastic club head left a little bit there’s a
little bit missing there didn’t quite get the full effect even with the
correct weight and size and shape the material wasn’t quite right. Somewhere
between when I graduated and when I started teaching here they switched it
over to a casting based project. So I had never done casting before. I had seen
videos on it but never experienced it so that was new for me and a lot of fun. So
basically just been casting couple putters a day and the students as
they’ve been getting cast work with some other tooling, 3d printing maybe
some soft jaws to hold irregularly-shaped putters and then
going through their secondary machining processes and learning how casting may
be combined with things like machining to get you know most of your shape
during the casting process, and then refining just the
critical areas you need like the putter face and then we’ve got our putt-off so this is
where we actually do the testing portion of our products. I actually got the first
putt off to start everything off and went right in, so I consider the success.


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