Drone & Golf | Vlog 18


Yes, now I’m just finished at a quick meeting with Byåsen IL. Where we got flowers and a picture taken. It felt good to give something back, but unfortunately I had to leave in a hurry. Because my football coach gave me a strict message to be there before half past, or else I would be benched. And its half past already, so it doesn’t look too good. My odds for starting in this match are pretty low at the moment, so I will try to get there as soon as possible. So I will put on my best smile and try to be a part of the starting team. Playing against Trygg Lade 2 at Dalgård football field. So today I’m going all in! Now the match just ended. My second one for the season, and also my second loss. Played for 90 minutes, and now my feet are hurting. I’m most annoyed because we lost, even though this is supposed to be “funny”. So I am disappointed. But we were better then last time. And we have to get even better next time. But it will be some time until I’m playing football again. I have to train alone down in Sjusjøen. So tomorrow we are set for Sjusøen! Good morning. I was supposed to be in a car heading for Sjusjøen now. But here I am in my bed. I woke up this morning with a sore throat. And that resulted in be staying home. And of course that sucks, but that is just how it is. And I probably got sick because it has been a really stressful week. And I got really exhausted. So it is probably a combination of that. But now that I am sick it is nothing to do about that. I just have to look forward and try to get well as soon as possible. Now it is time for a match of golf against Rundgreen. And when we are done we will see who opened the 2017 season best of the two of us. It will be me. Now I am about to show you that I am doing what you call “almost hole in one”. And that usually happens when I miss the ball. So the ball almost bounced into a hole in one. Here you can see the length from the ball to the hole, from my first hit. So now I’m just going to finish this. Have you seen something that bad? And the score is 37-44. You won this year. This year I won the opening. I’m not sure if its is a good or a bad sign. Because last year he won the opening and I won the rest. So maybe he will win the rest now, and that is not good for me. But I’m hoping that I will do like I did at Beito, where I perform good over a long period of time. But then I will have a down period in June, the same as I had around Christmas. And on top in June/juli. Now we are flying with our drone at Skistua. It’s not often we have so nice weather here in Trondheim, so we are using that to fly with our drone. And our amazing drone have we used way to little. I can hardly control it, so Ola are using it the most. It is really fun anyways, but it is really advanced and complicated. So I will just give the controller to Ola as soon as possible. Enjoying the beautiful weather in Trondheim? It is really nice here now, maybe not more than 10-12 degrees. You have to search long for something prettier than this. The sunny days in Trøndelag is something you just have to appreciate, because they are pretty rare. So when you are a bit sick it is nice to spend some time here, and do some filming. Now it is time to get to Oslo. It is 09.30 now and I am attending Lindmo tonight. So now I’m getting in the car, I am going to a quick treatment first before the flight leaves at 12 o’clock. So before going to the airport and flying to Oslo I am going to pick up my grandfather. It is hectic days but tomorrow is when the fun begins! Because tomorrow I am going on a trip, and I am actually going to Dubai. But first I have to finish my work here. What do you have to say about todays lunch? It looks good. Now we are sitting at Oslo S. We are having a meal before we are heading to NRK. It looks good, and I am hungry now. I am hungry as well. You are just looking forward to NRK, aren’t you? Yes we are looking forward to that. Now I am just finished at Lindmo. A really fun show to attend to, and a lot of fun things happened. So it is just to look forward to this getting on the TV. So now we are going to get to the airport and get on our flight back home. Because I must go home and pack before leaving to Dubai tomorrow morning. So there is not much time in between. So now I just have to get home. But first we have to get something to eat. So Lindmo was a success and my grandfather did a good job, and that was the most important thing. So now we’re looking forward to going home. Where are you heading now? Home. Heading north. Are you happy with todays talkshow? We will see tomorrow evening. But glasses you are wearing inside? I wear them because I am so cool. He is really cool! So today we are extra cool? Yes we are trying that. But what are your thoughts on these day trips to Oslo? It was almost like in the old days. How was it in the old days? That I will tell you. More women or? He got a woman around him now. He got one yes! In the old days were in a rush and there were no security check. We could bring own drink and could arrive at the airport 5-10 minutes before departure. And there was no problem. Now we are finished in Oslo. We have landed in Trondheim and now we are going to get in the car. I am dropping of him at his house and I am going home to pack. Are you pleased with today? Yes I think it went well. So now I’m saying over and out from this week. And we will see each other again tomorrow with a new week. Next stop now is Dubai!


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