Dinosaur Outdoor Games! Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Toys, Giant T-Rex & Kids Dinosaurs

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(upbeat bass music) – [Aaron] Hey, Park Ranger LB, – [LB] Ooh, wow it’s erupting! – [Aaron] What are you doing, man? – [LB] I’m playing with my new volcano made out of dry ice. – Oh, man, it’s awesome,
all the smoke coming off. – Yeah! – Gotta be careful with dry
ice; it can be dangerous. – Yeah. – So you’ve gotta have adult supervision, but this is cool that
you made this volcano. This gives me an idea. What if we took the dry ice and we put it in the pool and made an awesome Pool Is Lava Challenge? – Cool! – Okay, I’ve got somebody,
let’s go and try it out. Man, come on, we’ll just leave this here. – Bye bye, volcano, see you later. – Check it out Park Ranger LB. Our pool is lava. – Cool, how do you do this? – Well, I got this pool dye
that I put into a bucket and mixed it up and it
kind of looked like chum when I poured it into the pool. And that’s what turned
the water red like lava. – Oh yeah, like chum! – Then, I turned on the waterfall to make the lava flow from the volcano. And then I put in the dry ice you had to make all the bubbles and the smoke. Just like a volcano, right? – [Aaron] Yeah! – Awesome, okay, we’re going to use this for our cool Pool Is Lava Challenge. See who gets to win the challenge, huh? – Yeah. – Okay, you ready to go
over here and check it out? – Let’s go! – Let’s go, dude! All right, check it out, Park Ranger LB, this is what we’re going to be using for our Pool Is Lava Challenge. All these floats and
toys from Jurassic World. – Cool, what’s in this one? – Oh, this is the surprise dinosaur that whoever wins the challenge gets to open it up. – Cool! – Huh, that’s cool, dude, huh? – Yeah! Hey, what are the spoons for? Is it to hear the ocean? Oh, I think I can! – Well, after you’re
done hearing the ocean, you’ll find out what
we’re going to use it for in the Pool Is Lava Challenge, okay? All right, are you ready to get going? – Yeah! – All right, we’re going to go put on our swimming gear and let’s go and jump in the lava pool! – Yeah! – Let’s go! – Okay, Park Ranger LB,
here’s our first challenge in the lava pool. We’re going to do an egg
race with our spoons, okay? – Okay. – So you’re going to put your dinosaur egg in the spoon and you’re
going to take your float, You’ve got what, the T-Rex claw there? – Yeah. – And I’ve got (egg
plopping in water) uh oh You’ve already lost the egg race! – Ah! – And I’ve got a mosasaurus! And whoever gets to the end first wins. First you’ve got to get into the water because it’s not lava yet, right? All right, when Park Ranger Jay gives us the countdown, as soon as she says, “Three, two, one, the pool is lava”, you’ve got to get on the
float and go for the race! – Yeah! – [Jay] Three, two, one, the pool is lava. – It’s lava, get up, get up, okay? – That’s what I’m doing. – Ah! The pool’s so hot! The lava’s burning. Oh wait, Park Ranger LB! (splashing water) (calm music) (Aaron laughing) – Ah! You’re in the lava! (splashing) (LB laughing) – I see it, I see my spoon! I’m gonna beat you. – I’m gonna beat, I see I got you– spoon, spoon! Where’s the spoon? Hurry, he’s going! (screams) – I won! (laughing) Okay, Park Ranger LB, here’s
your second challenge. We’re going to play basketball with this Jurassic basketball hoop but we’ve only got three
minutes to do it, okay? – [Jay] One, two, three, the pool is lava. – Ah, quick, get on! Hurry! Get out of the lava! (water splashing) Man, my mosasaurus. (calm music) Ah, I got one! Oh, you’ve got three! (LB laughs) (timer ticking) – Yea! (both laughing) – Oh, I missed! – Oh, I made it! – Dude, what did that make, five points? – Yeah! (timer rings) – Oh, the bell. – Aww. – You won. – Yea! – Five to one, I only got
one point out of that one. – Woohoo! – Okay, are you ready for the third and final challenge? – Let’s go! – Okay, it’s tied up at one each. – I wonder where Owen is? This sure is a cool gyrosphere. – Ahhh! – Owen, run! The volcano, it’s erupting! Run! Quick, oh, catch up, catch
up, oh no, we’re clear! The ocean! The gyrosphere is going in! (water splashing) Oh no, I’m sinking! Come back, yea! I saved you. (Aaron laughing) Yeah, I saved you! – It’s time for the noodle egg challenge. – Yeah! – All right, there’s an egg
at each end of the pool. And we’re going to start
off at opposite ends and we’ve got to try and get the other person’s egg Wow, smack me over the head with a noodle here, okay? – Yeah, like this. – Yeah, but you know what? I’m kinda thinking we need a bigger boat. – Yeah. – As someone once said. I’ve got an idea, let’s go over here and check this out, dude. – Woohoo, let’s go! – Okay, we’ve got bigger boats now, huh? – Yep. – You’ve got a shark from Shark Week, and I got T-Rex! (growls) – [Jay] Three, two, one, the pool is lava! – [Aaron] The pool is lava, I need T-Rex. – [LB] Gotta paddle. Paddle up! (noodle slapping) (splashing) – The pool is lava, I can’t– Oh! You took my noodle! You took my noodle, dude! (water splashing) – Come back! – Yes, yeah, sharky wins! Aah! I get, I get my shark egg. Woo! – Ah, man! – Win sharky wins again! – Okay, Park Ranger LB,
let’s do some pool jumps. – Yeah! – Okay, what’s this one called? – T-Bone the T-Rex! – Okay, yeah, like our T-Rex at the park. – I did it! – Okay. – That was fun. – This one is called Jaws. That’s original, isn’t it? – [LB] Yeah! – Do, do, do, do, do, do,
do, do, do, do, do, do (water splashing) [LB] Oooh. Did he make it? – Do, do Maybe we should call it Shark-a-saurus. (water splashing) – [LB] That was painful. – No, it didn’t hurt at all. – Shark-a-saurus Rex! – A better, oohoo, yeah,
you stayed on T-Rex! – [Jay] Woohoo! – Jaws Wiped Out Sandwich. – [Aaron] Okay. (water splash) Aah! You stayed on, man! – Ahhhaha! – This one is called the Toe Jam. – [LB] Oh, the Toe Jam. (water splashing) Now I know why it’s called Toe Jam. (water splashing) Now I know why it’s called Toe Jam. Through the Toe Jam. – [Aaron] Oh, okay, go for it! – I didn’t go quite through it. – [Aaron] You got toe-jammed, huh? Well, I’m going to see if I can do Through the Toe Jam here now. Here we go. (water splashing) – [LB] Did you make it? – I did it! I went through! This one’s called Nothin’ but Net. – [LB] What? (water splashing] – [LB] I don’t think it worked. – Was that a miracle? Duh, duh, duh, duh (water splashing) – [LB] Man, you didn’t make it. – The shark’s too big, man. This one is called My Cousin Earl. Because you know, like, T-Rex and chickens are related. – [LB] Oh, yeah! – Here we go, one, two, three. (water splashing) – [LB] Well, that didn’t
turn out really good. This one’s called the
Mosasaurus Gets a Strike. (water splashing) – [Aaron] Ow. Okay, this one’s called the Shark Attack. (water splashing) – [LB] Ooohh. – Oh, man, went up my nose, man. Fight her back. – [LB] Oh, oh, oh – Get it. Uh oh, the shark ate Park Ranger LB. – Okay, Park Ranger Aaron, let’s see what’s in these eggs! – All right, dude, uh.. – Let’s take this one. – You want to go for that one first? – Yeah. – Okay, I’ll get this out of the way then. – Got it. – Oh wow! – Whoa, what’s this? Ooh, it’s a, I think that’s a puzzle. – It is a puzzle! – Ooh cool. – Ooh, yeah, let’s open up and see which dinosaur it is from Jurrasic World. Ooh, egg. Ooh, I know what it is, but I’m not going to share it. See if you can figure it out, okay? – Okay. – Okay, go for it. – Hmmm, oh! – [Aaron] Ooh, this is
the right corner here. The lower right corner. I think this is the upper part. – [LB] Woohoo! – [Aaron] And it is? – [LB] Velociraptor Blue – [Aaron] Awesome, dude, Raptor
Blue from Jurassic World. Awesome, you want to try the next egg? – Yeah. – Okay, let’s go for it. – Woohoo! – Crack that egg, oh! It’s another puzzle. I wonder which one this one is? Ooh, I know which one it is, but I’m not sharing again. – Oh! – Ooh, I think I found the
bottom right corner piece there. – Okay. – That’s a start. It needs more writing. Oop, ah, there we go! – [LB] And the final piece. – Done, done, done, done.
– [Aaron] You got it! And it’s a? – [LB] A mosasaurus! – [Aaron] Mosasaurus, cool. And looky here, Sharky is about to have a really bad day, yeah, okay? All right, awesome, good job, dude. You ready to open up the surprise then? – Yep. – Okay, let’s go for it, dude. What dinosaur is that? – It’s a parasaurolophus. – That’s what’s on the outside, cool! What’s on the inside? – Okay, let’s see. – Open that bag all the way up there so you can get it out
cause it’s a tight fit. Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, oh
there go the sheets. Oh well, don’t worry about it, we’ll get them later. – Whoa, it’s a dimorphodon! – Hey, and a velociraptor! – [LB] Cool! – [Aaron] From Jurassic World. Cool, dude, you ready to
open these bad boys up? – [LB] Yeah! – Ah, here comes the
dimorphodon to eat the raptor! Oh, okay, so this is not raptor blue. This is a different velociraptor. – Yeah! – Raptor Orange, I guess. – Raptor Orange (laughs) – Okay, these are pretty
much your standard dinosaurs, but they are
from the attack pack. Ahh! The velociraptor’s being attacked by the dimorphodon, ooh, ooh, ooh. Okay, so my question for you is which one is a meat-eater? The velociraptor, the
dimorphodon, or both? – I think both. – Okay, I’ll tell you
what, let’s see if our fans can tell us down in the comments below. – Ha! Ha! Tornado! – There’s a big storm coming, so I think we’ve gotta get out of here! – Ahhhhh! – Don’t forget to subscribe. Hey fans, tap the ToyLabTV smiley face to subscribe and find out
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