David B Gilbert cue action analysis


David Gilbert is a late bloomer in snooker. In recent years he started to play consistently
well, especially on the big stage. Yet to win a ranking title, but I believe
just a matter of time when he will achieve that. I got many requests to make cue action analysis
about him many people like his cue action. Let’s jump to it! Take a closer look at David’s cue action before
cue delivery. David uses a long back pause before cue delivery. Players are naturally using two cue action
styles front pause or back pause. For David, a back pause is more natural for
him, so this is the reason why he prefers to play shots in this way. During cue delivery, David drops his elbow
slightly and delivers cue through the straight line. This kind of cue action helps him to be smooth
and generate effortless cue power. Great to watch! Of course, elbow drop doesn’t work for many
players, but those who work during cue delivery try to be as smooth
as possible. His right elbow is slightly inside of his
head position, left arm bend for the stability, and the cue is straight on the middle part
of this chin. It helps him to have straight cueing and see
the have a perfect vision for the aiming. David prefers to use a long backswing on most
shots. I would say it gives him better touch, can
play most shots with effortless power, and control cue ball around the table very well. This style is not suitable for everyone but
works very well for Gilbert. Both legs are wide apart and left leg upfront. In my opinion, the perfect stance position
for his body type and flexibility. The posture is stable comfortable in balance. So here was cue action analysis about David
B Gilbert. In my opinion, underrated snooker player. One of the smoothest cue actions in world
snooker. You can learn from him a lot, just watching
it. I have full of hope that he will perform well
in future tournaments!


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