Danish Archery Championships 2015

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8 girls Go, go, go… 3 spots “Archer Girls – Heading for Copenhagen 2015” “Danish Championship – March 2015” We’re at the championship for seniors in Høje Taastrup… … to shoot a bit during the entire weekend. It’s only just a year ago… that Natasja Bech, quite suprisingly, really showed of her talent. I won last year. So it went quite well. But this year, it’s extremely close so we’ll see what is going to happen for us all. And now, it’s time once again. After a year where the 18-year-old suddenly has become part of the national team training… … the expectations to her hasn’t diminished. But after placing second in the preliminary rounds, her confidence is in top… … and Natasja Bech keeps her cool in the quarter-final against Kirstine Danstrup Andersen… … whom she beat in last year’s final. It went really good. I won my quarter-final. And now it’s on to the semi-final in about 30 minutes. We’ll see how that’s going to turn out. Before that, it is time for some words from the national team coach. Yeah, of course. It’s easy to say, but hard to do. That’s why I keep on saying it. And something to strengthen on. Cucumber. After a quick trip to the training field to brush up the technique… … Natasja Bech is competing again. This time in the semi-final, where she faces her national team partner, Anne Marie Laursen. Here, the defending champion gets the best start. In lane 4, it’s Natasja Bech, who leads by four over Anne Marie. The semi-final also ends in Natasja Bechs favor. Now, I am through to the gold final. That’s awesome. I guess it’s the nerves kicking in at the end causing a bit of unsecurity. But I still think it’s good archery today. All that’s left is one last final against the experienced Louise Laursen… … who has several years on the national team behind her. I think it’s going to be really exciting. I’ve never shooted againts her before… She is af course also capable of hitting so I am really looking forward to this. It’s going to be super cool. A couple of hours later, the battle for the championship can finally begin. Natasja starts. While both archers gets a good start… So far, the shooters are equal with a score of 28. … it’s Natasja Bech who maintains the highest level throughout the game. And wins once again. I’m happy. I’m really happy. I’m so happy that I can’t keep it in any longer. Obviously moved, the young archer is able to look at yet a year on top of Danish archery. It went beyond all expectations, again. My head was the right place and I was able to control my nerves, because there was a lot of them. It went damn good. It was really nice. Follow the Archery Girls towards the World Championships in Copenhagen on www.on-sport.dk


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