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here we go
three two one what does that provide a welcome back to
the channel hope you’re doing well cassie is with me as usual and today we
are going to be testing out the crossbow you may have saw our video ninja weapon
trick shots where Cass and I battled each other in some trick shots with
different ninja weapons we were super impressed by how powerful this thing was
no way this thing is dope it was the first time we had used it but today I
think we’re really gonna put its power to the test and we got a pretty awesome
world record plan but first let’s just test out the power of this bad boy let’s
go first up we’re gonna shoot a juggling ball available at juggling
I’m gonna shoot it we got it in slow-mo so it should be pretty cool I don’t know
if it’s gonna go right through it or just gonna hit it and explode but that’s
what’s gonna be fun about this video and first of all we’re we’re down here
because there’s no one around we’re trying to be as safe as possible using
protection please don’t go to the park and shoot a crossbow thanks that was
pretty sweet there’s an entrance and an exit wound to
that that went all the way through that’s insane I thought I was gonna hit
it and just kind of burst or push it over it went all the way through the
ball that’s crazy here’s a slow-mo that was so cool we’re gonna try it
again I had to go pretty far to go find the arrow so send up some cardboard when
you see me rushing to the other camera after I shoot that’s how slow-mo cameras
work you have to press the trigger button after the action has happened
what Oh that’s crazy
so the the tail stopped but the dark kept going it’s still crazy like how it
just it’s making such a small hole I just would expect these things to
explode pretty cool all right let’s get on something else
next up so you got some toilet huh I can’t understand toilet paper oh I’m
curious to see how far in the roll go I don’t think I’ll go all the way through
what do you think comment toilet paper yes or no if you think it’s gonna go all
the way through so yes you think I’ll go all the way through or no you think
we’ll get stuck coming right now oh did not go all the way through the
dart did not make it through but that that tail popped right off now to fire
the pool in slow-mo all right so the juggling ball in the
toilet they were pretty cool but now we’re gonna try to see how many of one
item it can go through starting with some empty aluminum cans there are seven
cans comment how many you think it’s gonna get through one two three four
five six we’re all seven leave a comment right now alright let’s find out we went through one we went through two
we went through three four five six seven can all 17 and sticking out of the
back of the box so if you come into seven you got it right
way to go wow this limo is so cool it’s like they did the wave I’m kind of
curious what would’ve happened if they weren’t duct-taped but the wind kept
blowing them down onto the next thing for all these shots josh has been
shooting really close cuz he’s trying to get through a lot of things but I want a
chance to shoot this thing from pretty far away so we’re gonna make a long shot
first when they hit the can winds oh my god
you missed pretty terribly I think didn’t even hit the cardboard miss we’ve
got some juggling rings wrapped in wrapping paper that has ten rings each
one has two layers of paper so that is Cassie 20 good math 20 layers of
wrapping paper leave a comment right now say wrapping paper yes or no do you
think it’s gonna make it all the way through I think yes I think that went
through pretty easily hey Jim oh wow look at that it’s right to the
top of the mall and I went through all in those and then it went through I have
one two three four layers of cardboard and ended up scratching the cement oh
man even ding these things are powerful been to the arrow so gotta get rid of
this one but now we got to try something a little tougher than paper
oh definitely hit the board hit the board all right your turn that’s
name okay fine you win you’re better at being me so the paper
was definitely too easy you know I should have known that after seeing what
it did to the cans but now we’re in fact duct tape duct tape is pretty pretty
intense we’ve got two layers of duct tape for every ring so that Tommy
there’s Cassie 20 good math she was a teacher but the hard not a math teacher
nothing but the hardware is doing making sure I get this area of duct tape all
the way through I need to make sure these all perfectly lined up I need to
be pretty accurate so what do you guys think 20 layers of duct tape leave a
comment duct tape yes or duct tape no all right
here we go and then we’re moving onto the world record I just hope I can shoot
through all of them here we go three two one did I get all oh no way look duck tip
stop the arrow Wow I am very surprised so it made it
through two four six eight ten twelve fourteen sixteen and just barely look at
this just barely eighteen layers of duct tape world record time most eggs shattered
with a crossbow in one shot we’ve got a dozen eggs right here and we didn’t
bring these spares so this is hopefully well the good thing about setting a
world record is no matter how many I get that is the new world record and if it
looks cool and I mess up maybe we’ll try it again later but wish me luck I’m
hoping to get through all 12 eggs for the world record 3 – what I don’t think
I got any eggs what the heck happened Oh – we got to try this again
those first two eggs only partially cracked it barely got the bottom of it
so I’m still gonna count it I think you guys are ok with that if I if I get
through all them now here we go I like that you put your safety glasses
on I know I forgot to save you that’s its first time don’t worry about it all
right here we go ready 3 2 I think we did it look 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 11 12 threw
off 12 did we get it on slo-mo I don’t think Cassie got to the slo-mo cam fast
enough to be fair I’m running two cameras at once well we didn’t get it on
the slow-mo camera but you saw it in real time and the GoPro maybe was still
pretty cool that’s still slow-mo thank you so much watch or I’ll give in scram
shoutouts every single people hold on hold on cats meow we talked and we came
back that first time I missed I messed up so technically we’d already cracked
through the eggs so that was kind of lame for the world record and the second
time I went through all the eggs but Cassie did get to slo-mo camera fast
enough so we didn’t get the awesome slow-mo that we wanted so we came back
because you guys deserve the best content possible so here we are we’re
gonna try it again let’s do it here we go for real this time
I think we did it do we get slow-mo there it is yes worth it that slow-mo was worth coming
back for all 12 eggs shot through with a crossbow
new world record one more time just good measure there you guys have we did the world
record for you guys twice so maybe we should try more than 12 eggs next time
if you guys want to see another crossbow video give it a thumbs up but also we
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come within the first 10 minutes think that’s all we love you guys we’re glad
we came back and got you the extra slo-mo hopefully it was worth it
let’s go to the beach we get Mims Instagram Instagram
Instagram you’re still rookie it’s okay


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