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Arnisa keep you well done Kid’s play: mini golf game super comedy vlog 2018 watch your video, you can watch your toy shopping side by side We also bought a few new toys, but it took a very short time due to the charging problem So this kid has just added a mini golf video Also arnisa kids mini golf is pretty good at the front. 🙂 Arnis to She loves mini golf. Arnisa is going well Ooo arnisa was very good Since there is not much talk in the mini golf game video, we put child songs on the bottom The reason we put the name of comedy in the video title is that it makes some funny things in the moment Now you will see how much I have failed children’s play mini golf tees 🙂 New child songs started In the meantime, the golf ball used in arnisa’s mini golf game is pink color but the video is also seen as white very interesting 🙂 No pink. Let me show you Let’s see how you do it Friends in first round Arnisa is telling you something about mini golf rules. We start again in the first round OK, let’s go A new child song starts Here is pink ball Arnisa again talks about mini golf It says something about golf le A new child song starts We continue to talk about mini-golf again Now we come to the end of the mini golf game Try to get him in here all at once Oh you were so close get Thank you for watching the children’s mini golf game super comedy vlog 2018 videomuz this part Is there anything you want to tell Arnie friends? How to play mini golf Friends. How to play children’s mini golf game Here is pink color mini golf ball Yes, there is a pink color golf ball This is my golf sopam Yes golf club Here are the friends we put in here We hold from there and shoot A new child song starts Arnisa continues to talk about mini golf Friends Do not like and subscribe to videomu


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    February 9, 2018 11:55 am

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