Chris Gayle returns to International cricket

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you haven’t played international cricket since the World T20 2016 or about a year ago. How does it feel to be back in the West Indies team? It’s been a long time, one year that’s a long time but due to the circumstance I’ve been out of the team. You know the stuff and a few hits was here as well but
now I’m back, feels good and what’s special about it as well actually I’m
playing in front of my own crowd so I’m and actually looking for that to India
and one of the best T20 side in the world so that will actually make
me more interested in for people to come out and watch a good game it game and I expect it to be a high scoring game and West Indies come out on top and I get a chance to entertain the fans one more time. You say one more time. Why? Well the last time it was actually with the Tallahwahs and I am not playing with the Tallahwahs As you snow so you know like I said it can
be a nice you know wind by the crowd a bit you know there was a good there were
there were a bit upset that I’ve gone to sink this to think it but I’m here no no to support will be huge and they all want to just runs and entertainment
and I’ll try my best to actually do that and on Sunday we’ll get to win as well Chris, I know whenever you’re playing the question is going to come up; when is you farewell. Is this possibly the farewell? You think it is? If it was me sometimes maybe I’ll walk away until you wonder the but the fans keep requesting don’t do it & I still have a couple of more years to look after myself & make sure my body is intact you know upto fully fitness you know targeting another T20 world cup and another 50 over world cup for West Indies as well and that’s in
a couple of years of time I can monitor all these things and you know come back in the groove as quickly as possible. Then anything is possible you know I
also made mention even before they’re fantastic that at least you know want a
few more test match at least proud or something something like that
working and urban design put those things aren’t on the agenda
just up to the fitness level and much I can manage it the workload of these is
practically but it does mean that you But this would mean you have to play in the regional Super 50 & then professional 4 day competition? So is that something on the agenda? Yeah we’ll compromise when it comes to that You know they work on these things and
see they are the popular players backing within the team so you can pull a bit
more you know program you know try and get more more wins but at the same time
the youngsters are the future same time they will be the ones to take over from us guys actually you know again as much as
possible as they can and then eventually they would be they will be the one to
after draped over from from from we guys when we actually decide to leave the game. The team just lost 3-1 against India, 1-1 from Afghanistan in ODI series as well What’s wrong with the ODI team right now? Well nothing is wrong with he ODI team. They’ve just been playing against the top team who have just been to the Championship final But you know, India were the favourites to West Indies it is a young team as well and you know
they are still learning from experience Regardless of how you want to look at it; these are the guys of the future, they will get credibility and get West Indies forward.


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  1. Vaibhav P

    July 9, 2017 7:58 pm

    superb interview,lovely to hear few things as well. wants to play till 50, 400 runs either. pretty awesome to hear him speaking.


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