Central Texas Golf Association at Jimmy Clay 12-8 Part I

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alright this is the view on the range prior to the central texas golf association tournament today sunday december eight the temperature was 33 degrees when i parked in the lot people are definitely bundled up it's not not exactly ball me out here Shawn Nunez looked especially cold this is Eddie here see is the cold making him look tight can't really see him because of the golf bag but oh no he's loose he's ready to go let's see what else is going to see out here but Eddie's confident and a good turnout saying that there would be there were only like five or six people they called to a confirm that they cancelled all right here's a player I don't know I everyone's bundled up and I can't tell who's who out here today and I apologize please please try to understand the difficulty i'm basing that's a nice swing but that ball is coming right at me i hope it comes up short for my sake anyhow and it it didn't go as far right as uh but it's on the green he's got a nice nice chance for birdie there this could be a second or it could be a third shot this one below this one is headed for the water this is headed for the water yes and it had found the water I can't pan fast enough to keep up with this I apologize but trust me when I tell you it's in the water another penalty drop this is two groups in a row we've had penalty drops this is a fill again this is Philip he is talking about the camera he's got some pressure on him yeah there's a little pressure here he's probably worried about being on YouTube don't convolve into the water let me pay attention to what I'm shooting me out here I'll back this up just so you can see the splash if it occurs he cleared it he cleared the water but he's short of the green no he's on the green his ball made it on the green good shot there ok this is dude I'm guessing his third Herod 18 front pin he's got enough green to work with good looking shot good looking shot oh yeah get that for a nice up-and down and he'll be known for the day all right now that these guys are a little closer I nothing they are this is scott lining up his putz ah for a par out for birdie it's conceivable that it is for a birdie conceivable it's for apartment I think it's for birdie this guy can hit the golf ball we'll see what happens here it's on its way I think it's short low Oh disappointment you could tell by his body language he's just bummed out can't see the hole but I'm guessing yeah three ish three feet or so nothing impossible but nothing's not a gimme wow that was a nice putt good par there good two-putt excellent to putt well maybe not an excellent to pod but an excellent second putt here's dude fern up and down oh the heartbreak the sadness I'm making bogey on 18 all right we're going out to the T here at 18 I have no idea who is up there hidden I don't have my phone and so I don't have a roster today somehow I got out of the house without my phone there's 11 tee shot I think I heard something there it is I see it it's out in the the the dark woods of everlasting bloom I think I've got my microphone on I think everything is good okay it's the it's the player and the black there he goes that ball is on its way it's it's going it's left its it's good man as well it's potentially trouble it could could find you know I don't know if I'm following it or not cuz i'm watching the ball and not the camera probably they can probably you probably learned that a cameraman in school okay guys you got to look at the camera don't watch the action you're not here watching the action you're photographing the action so stop watching the action you've got work to do we're just going to have player reaction here I'm going to watch the bong and I try to hold the camera steady this one is going we started out left but it's cutting back it's going to be right down the center of the fairway the sculptor that's who just played that shot the sculptor that's what I'm calling him because he carved that one right around the bend there right around the dog like beautiful shot through the trees okay I'm not too sure who this is but he did just play his second shot from the deep forest of everlasting bloom on the 18th hole here at jimmy clay this is a true test of mental fortitude and golf skill 18 here at jimmy clay ok this is the sculptor in his second shot seeping carve this one in close to the pin let's see what happens it's going left it came off left I saw it left I could be wrong oh I don't know if you heard that let me catch that there's the signs and this is a penalty drop dead man don't wear plaid as you can see this man is standing upright and obviously not dead but he did just absorb penalty shot he lays to now can get it up and down from there he makes par be a spectacular par but ain't par nonetheless he's got a good chance at it I like his chances um again there is more water on the on in play here he's he's not facing an easy shot he's already dejected because of a penalty shot but you get that one just on the right edge of the green up here just past pin-high it's nice play all right again I wish I knew who these guys were I I explained I forgot my phone and I don't have a roster of players so even if I know even if I know you I don't know who you are Plus everyone's not learned they're all cold weather gear I don't recognize anybody you know dude Spelling's I didn't recognize him but this I do recognize this as a second shot and the ball is on its way yeah here's the sculptor he's playing is a fourth shot he didn't really sculpt that second one and he didn't sculpt that one either got your Scott priests third shot 18 how's he doing there how's he doing okay this is scott priests do you think he can finish up a little stronger than he did last week where he like three-putted or four putted for a triple-bogey r quad or something okay Scott priests how it looks like he's gonna two-putt this one gonna have a little more pride than he had last week nice okay the sculptor for bogey he's I he's got some work i'll tell you what i wish i could get to get you an idea of how far away is but this is not an easy shot we'll just go reaction see how he does here he likes it so far it's got a chance got a chance oh and now Scott tells us about the 18 that wasn't pretty finish either there was that you see where my friggin drive was yeah I'm a pitching wedge out okay look up you know when i started keep my head down huh no look up soon as the ball was going put it over there get over there and like my club down on the ground ball go see so would you wind up shoot 600 i had a horrible day it's not a 49 on the front ouch ouch fighting a war on terror got the water hazard got the bunker on got the camera a lot of pressure back here this is way left this is coming this is even left to me and on left and I don't know if you heard the audio there but there is the spreading rings of death this is the man in the green shirt he's playing his third shot here at 18 jimmy clay ball is on the way I'm gonna see what happens it was not a happy ending it's wind up right about there I think it's dry though I think he's going to play okay here's art got a lot of penalty drops to show you today you're gonna back it up get a comfortable distance good lie good that's a nice drop nice technique there alright so that's two in threes a drop he's hitting his fourth just in case he dumps one in there will zoom out so we can get the splash that's gonna make it though it's gonna be just short of the cream okay the man in the green shirt he's in the hazard there's some dispute as to whether he's in the hazard over here it's not pretty he's in the mud I don't know what's gonna happen this is uh unfortunate he's picking up his ball he's cleaning it he's placing interesting ruling there I don't know exactly what that was this one cut him some slack yeah there may be a few phone calls after this this move here by the man in the green shirt he comes up short there you know I don't want to get all bothered about this it's really not that big a deal but rules are rules it took out this bird down here he's like sitting on the card seems this guy's got some cheese and crackers in there peanut look at him the brazen no respect look in his golf bag sitting on the steering wheel these birds have no respect at all well that last group I wound up with three two doubles and a triple bogey that is uh that's a seven over par for three players they were there hoping that I didn't see any of it and won't record any all right we're back out to the fairway ah again I apologize I don't have my phone I don't have the roster I don't know these groups I'm guessing that the player in the gray shirt standing to the just to the right of the golf cart that I think that is Theresa and I'm guessing this because I saw her name on the tee sheet and that player hit from the ladies tees so that's the evidence I have I don't know who just do it they're chasing this bird that's good hassle in the bird these birds they need to be hassled out here there I don't know how to describe it i'll come up with the word later see this is why i'm a better writer than speaker because i got to have time to think up the right word this was i believe is this man's tee shot it was good got it way down here past all the leaves which is which is a good shot let's see how how the second one turns out remember there is a trouble left and right more sorrow on the left because the little pond over here could we have the first group not making a penalty drop as a nice swing safe all right this is not Teresa um we get our name it's their third shot here at a team gimme clay this ball is on its way it's got a chance its look oh well we'll see your head out of the sand our San shot this is a fourth shot this is for par everyone's liking it it's a good shot her name is Wendy got that for bogey Wendy to get up and down from the bunker 3m mrs. for a bogey No double bogey / park nice pot there that turned out to be like four to five feet that's good roll


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  1. jptDrEaMeR

    July 12, 2019 3:20 pm

    i have always liked the finishing hole at jimmy clay. Leads to some clutch/unclutch finishes!


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