Broadcasting Class Porter High School

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The Broadcasting department at Porter High
School is the definition of a Career and Technical Education or CTE Program. These students apply what they learn to produce,
shoot and edit a school newscast each week, and to watch them on camera is to know they
have been paying attention in class. “ I think the true value in hands-on learning
is the fact that they are going to have to troubleshoot things that don’t particularly
work when they expect them too. Hands on is truly on the job training. It’s the same training that any new anchor
or reporter would do at a television station. So its a really good value that they are getting
years ahead before actually working in the industry. “
Their instructor James Longoria has decades of experience himself in the industry and
wants these kids to learn very early on that the product you make from scratch will sometimes
fight you every step of the way. Whether they are behind the cameras or in
front of them, these students learn as Freshmen to look up to upper-classmen who will be able
to explain mistakes before they occur. This creates a close-knit class all around. “ Coming in as Freshmen, they expect it’s
just school book learning and we are going to read some material and answer questions. And once they understand that they are getting
thrown into the fire when they realize they have to rely on the upper class-men to give
me data to do my job better. “


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