Brian Katrek from PGA Tour Radio on Callaway Talks

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everybody Harry Arnett we're live we're not live how can we be live we're taped it's a tape program here at the PGA Tour's superstore in the desert and who else should we have on the program if we're talking PGA Tour but the men you have the most fun job in golf in my estimation you have the job that I want let's trick jobs I'm good with that you get a paycheck it's Brian k-trick from PGA Tour radio from Ketchikan McGuiness on tap they took the two masterminds of golf radio on sirius XM radio and they thought let's put them together and we form a super team normally you combine things like that to come up with a new flavor in this case we just came up with a new show and I'm thrilled with a John McGinnis the tour veteran as fun as they come almost as fun as Harry are no it can't be and and occasionally we're even going to see each other it was my partner for a long time right play-by-play yeah four years and and basically we reached our limit of emails from management they had to break us up and now begrudgingly we're back together so we'll see how long that lasts ream team you call two guys together a dream team let's do it sure I wouldn't never heard that used before so you you actually you're a good guy to talk to because you not only do you talk about golf every day but you also do you know the tour play-by-play stop and what do you think about the tour doing the thing in the fall we're now we get into 14 and are you a fan of battery not a fan of that I haven't quite figured it out yeah by the way and it's an honor before we get into the heavy topics to be on with you I know this is I've seen a lot of these and I never thought I'd be in one of these chairs and they're as comfy as they look as far as the wraparound schedule that here's what I like about it from a player's standpoint you can win a million dollars before Christmas so that's pretty good you can you can if you hadn't had any exempt status you can set yourself up with a job before Christmas you know you can you can get into all four majors before Christmas you can you can really do a whole lot and then kind of coast through that west coast and maybe enjoy some of the classic courses instead of being forced to grind and hope you're getting in so I like that from a player standpoint it seems like that would help with scheduling from a fan standpoint I still think that it's cold yeah part of the country yeah and it's warm on the west coast it was 81 degrees today in Palm Springs I don't think that the fans at home where it's snowing care whether this is the third event of the year or the ninth event of the year or whatever it doesn't matter to them it's warm it's sunny we're gonna watch great golf on overseeded rye that's what we like yeah and so right now I haven't seen any negatives yet I was watching the football last weekend and you know you kind of have the dichotomy of watching guys in Hawaii playing golf and then NFL players freeze in there you know these remedies off playing in the snow and sleet and rain and all that kind of stuff and I agree it's hard to get into the mindset of the season starting for a but then we're walking in the media center today when I was going to see you and all they still the FedEx Cup points are already up and there's already people a few many points we have two couple guys the top so that part's pretty cool yeah and I think that's the part that we're gonna have a problem wrapping our brains around but again you mentioned one of the reasons why we're in the situation we're in and that's football we don't have to pay attention yet they're keeping track of the points Jimmy Walker is gonna lead the point standings whether he knows it or not yeah you know he doesn't have to know he can ask the week before the Masters hey where am I and then they'll tell him because they've been keeping up the fans are the same way and for a lot of the fans golf season doesn't start until you can kind of smell the Masters a lot of fans really enjoy you said watching the cold football and then switching over and watching warm golf the the point system they found that out with NASCAR that you know a lot of the FedEx Cup points were based on on the NASCAR and then their Sprint Cup points but one of the things they found out was the fans didn't have to understand the system but they knew where their guy was they knew whether the guy was gonna make it into the chase I'm not making in the chase and they knew basically what he had to do and you're gonna root for your guy whether you understand the system or not so what are the topics on your program what are like the hot-button prop people are talking about now because sometimes you have to play radio and generate conversation but what what are the ones that you generally are gonna get constant calls and topic about well anytime you talk about tiger cats are gonna light up anytime you talk about Phil yes the phones are gonna light up and and we've been treated to just in the last couple of days to a rehashing of the number one topic of 2013 which was the anchored puting right with the PGA of America and the PGA Tour asking for a grandfather clause parameters which which helps all of us and that wild I mean this time last year that was the big the world was gonna collapse in on that itself than golf because of that and now like well and it was if people don't want to have something taken away from them yeah and it felt like something was gonna be taken away even if you know you don't anchor I don't anchor just hey but you know you can't take that away we got to keep that and people were all up in arms and it was that we could roll the ball out there throw the phone number out and we would do two hours of phone calls okay buddy and there was always it was like a soap opera it couldn't been written I'm better if the folks from a daily soap opera had written it no can we have two hours of anchoring a putter yeah I don't think we're insane and every day it was a quote from somebody well Gary Player says that he would never anchor what that's two hours on that right tomorrow somebody else will say something and we just got it again so that's what everybody's talking about it's pretty good so McGinnis and okay Chuck McGinnis on tap 5 to 7 what what types what do we have to look forward for that show why we're on the show occasionally well we're still gonna do tech Tuesday all right love that we still have the Callaway X hotline and it may soon be the x—two hotline I'm gonna let the marketing folks figure that out yeah and the X hotline is a big part of the show because both John and I are social animals we want to listen we want to converse we don't want to do monologues John played on the tour for 20 years he knows where all the bodies are buried he knows all the stories he's not here this week and he was giving me directions on where all the restaurants were he knows palms I love John because you know being around Tour players all the time and he's you know for a guy who put on tour he's one of the few extroverts that you know he finds a tour player loves to talk loves to have a good time you love to talk to golfers yeah well it's kind of what you do for a living now we'd love to talk to golfers and we got to figure out a way to get redonkulous to the name of our contest somehow whoo that's x2 hot so well put that on you redonkulous or don't kill on think about that maybe on a t-shirt or something yeah we'll figure it out yeah 5 to 7 is Bryan k-trick one of the good guys in golf we love listening to his program look for it can you come back and do this again at some point I'll be made here I'll do it right now ok we'll do on location at Catterick Manor down there and in Atlanta bring it we're their masters week is good we're two hours away and of course the Tour Championship you guys are invited we should be there Brian K tricks PGA Tour radio


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