Blakely’s Second Gymnastics Meet after Broken Leg | Blakely

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I am ready is this your last meet of the season? yes you going to get all 10s? yes sweet we’ll see you…oh I heard you have a loose tooth uh ha where is it? Oo yeah alright good luck today zoom in alright Blakers are you ready sweet girl come on let’s get you ready you nervous Blakers? [music] the Atlanta North Stars [cheering] [music] come on Blakely run [music] let’s go Blakely come on Blakely oh go girl go go go [music] go Blakers [music] come on Blakely [music] let’s go Blakers [music] good try Blakely candlestick bridge kickover and finish step lock pivot and step lock pivot step leap step and kick turn turn split jump step and finish way to go on the split jump Cailyn good job Cailyn go Cailyn [laughing] let’s go Blakely come on Blakely [Blakely’s floor music] whooo [Blakely’s floor music] way to go Blakely [music] go Blakely [music]


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