serious d go go go go believe me
non-believers I’ve showed them everything all of our footage do it
they’re in a snowstorm sue these guys are talking about baking
I’m lying leave only one here there’s ever even seen Bigfoot they banned me
from the server how could they do that to carry the ghost honour-bound brie
lips we saw his babies I traced him down in the snow for these people and they’re
gonna ban me from their stupid little for proving it to the world’s the only
way they’re gonna accept it then I might just have to do it myself
we went through everything for this give it everything we have I need to get moving and going back another beautiful day they came out of
my room we have a serious problem Jake what could be wrong on a beautiful day
like today Bigfoot hunter forms Logan the guys in there don’t believe me that
we actually found Bigfoot they think I’m just lying and I made it all up they
banned me from the forum Jake the last time we went out there and camped
overnight I got sick for two weeks and stopped caring what those people are
saying man it doesn’t matter you know and I know I know
and I know what we saw was real and I know what we saw was Bigfoot but they
want to pretend that this is all just made up that we got scared and we left
so I want to show them that Gary the ghost hunter doesn’t play around like
Gary the ghost hunter finishes what he starts now that it’s summer and document
him once and for all show him to the world show him to our viewers okay Jake
fine we’ll go like always we’ll go all right looking I’ve got a plan it’s a
little crazy but I think it’s gonna work meet me in the stage aka our dining room
hey what’s going on everyone it’s Pappa Jake aka Gary the ghost hunter and we
are back with a brand new video and today we are going to be finally
catching Bigfoot Logan it is now officially summer it’s no longer snowing
and last time we were looking for Bigfoot it was in the heart of winter
the conditions were rough our socks were wet and food was low it was also dark
like all the time but now it’s summer guys have been asking for us to go back
and search for Bigfoot but you don’t exactly know where Bigfoot is it also a
lot of the places we traveled to are gonna be hard to remember in the winter
but I’ve put together a plan to go and find Bigfoot today and if you guys like
us searching for Bigfoot make sure to smash that subscribe button and the bow
button to join the journey if there’s any other monsters who wants to go
hunting for it leave a comment down below obviously we’ve done a lot of
searching in the past for the rake but the Bigfoot has been the one that we
struggled the most with and that’s why I have my plan today so first things first
I brought out all of our gear we’re gonna be
using all of this gear to set up a base camp deep in the woods where we will be
catching Bigfoot this is a box for base camp next we’re gonna travel to where we
last saw Bigfoot in the winter now a couple people before I would ban from
the Bigfoot on her form told me the Bigfoot likes to take shiny metal
objects and put them in his nest so I brought a metal detector we’re gonna use
that to metal detect around the ground and see if we can’t find any shiny metal
objects if we do it might be an indicator that Bigfoot has been there
and has left them finally once we narrow down where exactly we think Bigfoot is
located will be checking any local tunnels you guys have been commenting
that Bigfoot might be using these tunnels to stay in during the hot summer
months so today’s mission is to capture photographic evidence of Bigfoot and
hopefully it’s gonna be sunny warm and we’re not gonna have any problems alright guys we’ve got all of our gear
and we’re fully loaded up and ready to roll out into the forest I guess we just made it down to the
woods where we well last saw Bigfoot a lot has changed since the winter so I
actually kind of lost all of my bearings you recognize any of this not really
Jake this river used to be frozen yeah well we can get our bearings down we
should be able to trace the rivers tracks back to where we found his nest
the only thing we need to do now is find out where we’re gonna set up base camp
obviously we don’t want to be too close to Bigfoot because if we don’t want to
get eaten once we set the base camp we’ll start using the metal detector to
see if we can find any traces of his nest
first things first stuff we got to find a place to set up I think I saw
something here Logan you start setting a base camp I swear I’m gonna grab the
thermal camera I’m gonna get a bigger vantage point up at the top of that
crest there all right I got the thermal camera you start setting up here I’ll be
back in a sec okay guys then make my way up up this hill here I think I should be
able to get a good vantage point from up here and scared of the surrounding area
got to be extremely careful moving up this hill though it’s muddy any part of
this key give away at any second okay I think I got a good vantage point from
up here let’s up the thermal camera all right I’ve got the thermal on line guys
you should be seeing what I’m seeing now if the uplink works
I only have to do is search for someone or anything got a view here of Logan
it’s a pan to the left see if we can find any in the woods here guys if you
see anything in the woods let us know in the comments if you see anything moving
or anything that just looks weird I mean Bigfoot doesn’t exactly like to
move all the time he doesn’t like to be just running so he could be hiding and
watching that’s why you have to be very careful and look everywhere looks like
everything’s okay on the thermal vision I honestly didn’t see anything that
looked concerning let me know in the comments down below though if you think
you saw anything we got base camp camps on its way Jake
this is looking pretty sweet I think there’s gonna be a good spot after we
have this setup we’ll go do our metal detecting where we last saw his nest and
then well well even though I don’t really wanna know because it’s kind of
freaky check out the tunnels alright guys welcome to our Bigfoot headquarters
for the day whatever we need we got we got
vision goggles we have thermal vision walkie-talkies this is kind of Jake
science stuff for testing yeah I don’t know I’m kind of leaving this stuff to
Jake and then over here we got a radar going that tracks any movement in this
area so this goes off we’ll know that Bigfoot’s in here well that’s the
headquarters so far looks good got the metal detector all set up you ready to
head out yeah I was just about to say let’s head out well we got to start on
this trail guys before it starts getting too dark some will be going down soon
and we do not want to be here when it gets too late come on all right guys
currently we were heading to where we last saw the Bigfoots nest this is where
if you guys remember in our last video we saw what we believe was his or her
babies should just be down there a lot has changed since the winter but it
should be down this way I’m gonna be scanning the ground with our metal
detector see if I can find any artifacts we got something here under this rock
but it’s it’s definitely big it’s setting this thing off like crazy yes
guys check that out I have no idea I have no idea what this could be
it’s got like some teeth on the end of it almost like a like a gear or
something and then the back here is just completely rusted all right well we’re
definitely gonna bring this back to base and analyzed it at base camp I don’t
have all my tools to analyze it but if you guys have any idea what this could
be comment below guys look we got another object here it’s a shiny metal
can definitely proving that we’re moving towards the nest all this garbage out
here in the woods can’t be from people it’s something Bigfoot’s taking with
them pick this up see it bubbling in the
ground there it’s different colored dirt and it looks like so I thought another
metal object fact that we’re finding more and more metal objects the closer
we get to the nest shows that he might still be here if what you’re saying is
right about Bigfoot collecting metal items I mean there are a lot here and
this is where we saw him last to be back here right now back just getting close
to this thing all the hairs on my body are sticking up maybe we don’t
maybe we just turn around maybe it’s not worth it maybe you’re right Logan the
Bigfoot hunter forums is not worth it and pressing some dude sitting at home
is not worth an me being eaten by whatever’s over there Jake we’ve come
this far come on it’s right over there let’s just go check it out see what’s
going on you’re Gary the ghost hunt guys if you remember in our last video this
is the tree that had the Bigfoot footprint in it this is also the
farthest we ever went and where we saw the babies beyond here this is where we
believe the nest is all right anything I’ll go in I’ll take a look around see
if anyone looks like their home and we’ll get out probably say that here I
may go away at the zoo okay well super the nest is so as you
can see here this is the sewer system the we believe Bigfoot might be using to
travel around so this might have been where he set up maybe just maybe he
moves in the summer when the water starts flowing again not really I mean
there’s some more objects in the law but except Bigfoot buddy graphed to see
something Logan I got something what are you doing you guys stay back man it’s
too dangerous it’s fine what is it yeah hold this you don’t think this could be
a Bigfoot idea why would a Bigfoot egg be here with no
Bigfoot maybe it froze over in the winter I mean we don’t we don’t know how
big G cool was that oh no you hear that hold on I think I
might be Bigfoot she pull like that something hit the tree like a log that’s
what he does it’s what he did last time no we gotta go we gotta go right now get
back to camp there he is G go go go go take me back this might be
our only chance to bring something home to prove Bigfoot’s real I’m not putting
it back no come on I think it’s after us you moving go go go
one should be safe in here Jake we can’t just hide in here forever
no okay can we go be back to camp we’ll analyze what we found and then maybe we
get out of here did you get a good video of him I think so we definitely saw him
okay we need to keep moving come on come on
let’s get inside the base we’ll analyze it once we’re in there yeah I got the
GPS set up okay I get the door closed house should be safe in here what are
you looking at I’m seeing if anything’s on our radar I’m not seeing anything big
something the size of a bear or bigger would set this off and nothing setting
this off so we should be okay right now that doesn’t mean Bigfoot’s not
following us now that we’ve lost Bigfoot guys I think we have a chance to analyze
some of these items if we can figure out where these items have come from we
might be able to pinpoint where Bigfoot is going during the day and more
importantly if this is in fact a bigfoot egg we’ll start with this gear though
water on it and guys of course if you have any ideas as to what this could be
or where it’s from and let us know in the comment section down below
what is it this might be a gear to a bicycle
what’s wrong with a gear from a bicycle whoever was riding it may have been
taken by Bigfoot well take if that’s true and the guy who was riding the
bicycle is now gone is exactly why I didn’t want to come here in the first
place but no you let the Bigfoot for him guys get in your head okay yeah I agree
all right it’s scary and guess there is the real risk factor here and honestly I
don’t like the rustling on this you can see here that the rust hasn’t fully
formed which means that this isn’t very old Jake when did you become a rust
expert not a rust expert Logan okay just I’m good at looking at artifacts all
right guys this is what we took from the nest if this is in fact a Bigfoot egg it
might explain why he was chasing us Jake why don’t you just crack it open
because look and you can’t just crack a Bigfoot I go but okay it’s like an
ostrich egg but even worse like three times a coconut strength these things
won’t open unless we have power tools but I want to figure out if it is
because if there is a little Bigfoot in here
maybe we can hatch it Jake maybe we should just go home we have the egg we
saw Bigfoot that’s enough right hey Jenna lights on why is the light off and
why is our radar buzzing don’t make any sudden moves no make any noise give them the I’m not giving on the egg
throwing the chance to prove it’s round our only choice fine can we get out of this box word
yeah thank you Scott we can leave what are you doing so much
for a bunker Logan you got to take a look at this do you
see what he did to this we need to get out of here man I think you’re right I
think that was his egg we need to go as far away from this place as we can
I mean if by chance you guys want us to come back and search for him again you
can let me know in the comments you can like it as much as you want but it’s
gonna take a lot of likes to get me back out here this was way too


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