Best Replays of the Week International #67

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Hello, I’m Luke Kneller and welcome to
Best Replays of the Week. In this episode we have: an unusual looking Wall of Steel, an IS-3 punching above its weight, and an M60 on a quest
for a mark of excellence. Let’s take a look. Best Replays of the Week Let’s kick off with a Steel Wall
performance from the EU region. Gwandi’s unbreakable machine
isn’t one of the massive heavies, but rather a tier 7 Soviet
medium tank, the A-44. It’s a curious looking beastie for sure. Its strongest bit of armour is
a 150 mm thick belt on the front glacis. Gwandi heads out into
the Windstorm, far ahead of the pack. A Tiger rolls down the street to test
the strength of our unusual Steel Wall. It’s not a promising start. The second shot
does bounce off Gwandi, but Gwandi prefers to warm up
with an easier machine. Ok, let’s try again with a Tiger. A rear-mounted turret
is great for side-scraping. This is too frustrating
for the German feline, which decides to leave the fight. That suits the quick and
agile A-44 just fine, of course. It’s much easier to kill the
heavy from behind after all. The rest of the team
are doing terribly. Just tanking a lot of shots isn’t
going to be enough to win this one. Nice ollie there. Too bad there
isn’t a rail to do a grind on. Gwandi bounces a shot off a Chi-Nu Kai, before taking out
a cheeky artillery piece. This sport KV’s toy gun is no threat. And the same goes for the rest of them. Except, maybe for the artillery. There goes the last teammate. The armour is holding up great, considering that the tank is mostly
just protected from the front. This gun belongs on a heavy
tank, and it handles terribly. But the alpha is very satisfying. Boom, baby! Good speed and a heavily armoured
front make for a decent rammer as well. Artillery strikes again, giving
the T20 an opening to attack. It gets a free shot
at the A-44’s vulnerable side, but that’s not enough
to defeat our Steel Wall. The T67 is actually a bigger threat. One more shot in the back
would have been fatal. Gwandi needs to be careful here. Wait long enough to disappear
from view, and then go in. Remember that sweet ram earlier?
Let’s have another one. Is the SPG going to have a go?
No? Let’s go find it then. Ah, so that’s why it didn’t fire. The artillerist has decided
to try the direct approach. That was a brave attempt, but it has
left the SPG helpless. Good game. Unusually for us, Gwandi
dishes out a lot more damage than was blocked by armour.
Who cares though! An unusual game with an unusual tank,
and we’re happy to share it with you. Confederate Continuing in the EU region, we have the streamer dakillzor
piling up damage in an M60. I’d say something about Daki
showing off with a Clan Wars trophy, but it’s not like it’s
a particularly powerful tank. As is typical for Malinovka, one of the foes charges into
the open straight at the start. It’s not the only
target on offer either. For a while there’s
a whole buffet to choose from. Eventually, the camping spot goes stale. Time to go looking for more targets. Up the hill and straight into the fight. Too bad the first shot bounces. Don’t worry though,
that was a rare exception. Daki gets into a nice rhythm, dishing
out damage like it’s going out of style. A T57 attempts to slip behind the
friendlies, but it won’t be allowed to. Chaotic melee takes its toll on the M60, but the T57 gets utterly wrecked. Holding the Reds back is a team effort, but Daki is doing
a lion’s share of the damage. The question is,
can the M60 survive this fight? It’s a large, poorly
armoured barn of a tank. Suddenly, the Red team
starts to collapse. Attack! This E 75 seems invulnerable,
as shot after shot bounces off. Until one doesn’t. The remaining foes are still
singing camp songs at the base. Daki lines up a shot… and runs
straight into a boulder. Ouch. It’s ok though, everyone
was wearing seat belts. As you can see, the gunner
didn’t suffer any ill effects. Down goes the Type 5 Heavy. The last foe gives up the ghost
before Daki can so much as aim for it. Game over. Just four kills, but an impressive
10,800 points of damage. That should help dakillzor in the
quest for that 3rd mark of excellence. Good luck! Defender Now let’s hop over
to the American region, for a Defender game
by Vladimir_Lemon. Vladimir’s tank is an E 50,
seen here at sunny El Halluf. Taking point, the E 50 leads the pack
to the north-western choke point. The first pair of shots is enough
to secure a kill. It’s a nice start. Teammates should
have this under control, so Vlad pushes on
to the next choke point. There’s a lot of steel to cut through
here, and some of it cuts right back. It would be nice
to pick up a couple more kills, but the Defender is needed elsewhere. This WZ is trying a sneak attack
from the rear. Not on Vladimir’s watch! Unfortunately, the rest of the infiltrators
prove more difficult to eradicate. There goes another one,
but the damage is already done. The team is in dire trouble
Trading fire with a TVP wouldn’t be a problem,
if it wasn’t for the artillery. Vladimir executes
a tactical redeployment, managing to stomp
on a cockroach on the second try. After an IS falls to a snapshot, the situation is starting
to look much better. Vladimir goes on the hunt for the SPGs. A tortoise enters the capture circle, but the allies seem to have
things under control again. Ok, maybe not. At least the IS-6 brought some time. There. That should help. The remaining teammate
has joined in the hunt, but their style is a little suicidal. At least there’s no need
to hunt this thing down. Right. Now let’s get
to the Defender part. Tortoises are tough as nails,
armed with guns which can easily finish
the E 50 off at this state. Vladimir makes good use
of the slow Encounter capture, driving all the way around the map. And it pays off. There’s still
almost half a minute to spare, when the reset shot slams home. You probably noticed that the critical
hit didn’t do any actual damage. Our Defender still
needs to kill that thing. A second shot blows away
a chunk of hit points. The Tortoise decides
to leave the circle, but exposing its side gives Vlad
the opportunity to cut its track. A repair kit gets it moving again,
which earns it another hit to the track. Now just get down from the mountain
without breaking your own tank… And take it to Pound Town. Nicely done. Not only was it
a good Defender display, but Vladimir_Lemon
racked up more damage than the rest of the team combined. Crucial Contribution Our next battle is fought
over Airfield on an EU server, where SMSkateCrew delivers
a Crucial Contribution. Reworked matchmaking helps, but playing as a bottom tier
heavy is still a difficult position. There are three top tier
machines to worry about, one heavy and two tank destroyers. So naturally our champion runs
smack into one right at the start. Taking a hit from it would really hurt… unless the big lump decides
to fire HE for some reason. Weird. Teammates join in, ganking
the massive heavy in seconds. SkateCrew moves on
to skirmish with a KV-4, while looking for an opportunity
to attack the Type 4 Heavy. It takes quite a few tries,
but the gunner does eventually find a weak spot
on the rolling fortress. One more hit, and
the beast has had enough. It tries to disengage,
but others finish the job. SkateCrew circles
around to get at a T34, taking a shot from
an S-tank along the way. Both of the remaining tier 10s are here. SkateCrew lines up a shot, but the
Swedish TD continues being a pest. Since it insists on dying first,
the bigger foes will have to wait. “And stay down.” Now let’s
see about those top dogs. The Jagdpanzer E 100
has a devastating cannon, but it can’t kill what it can’t hit. And when it loses its cool, charging
out of its fortress, its fate is sealed. It looks like the American tier 10
is the last foe standing. SkateCrew goes for it, pulling back
just in time to bounce a shell. The E4 legs it, possibly
hoping to find an easier target. It won’t get away, however. Our killer IS-3 will have its prey. I don’t know if SMSkateCrew
deliberately made it their business to take on the biggest foes,
or it was just how it played out. Either way, impressive work! Top Gun We have reached the finale, this time delivered by
our Top Gun, STRAIKER_. The battleground is Pilsen, with
a Type 62 administering the beat down. Now that light tanks are tiered
the same way as everything else, it’s possible for them
to kick much more rear plate. Armed as it is with an 85 mm cannon, the Type’s alpha strike
isn’t particularly impressive. But the damage per minute is excellent. After a couple more kills,
the location dries up. STRAIKER_ looks for more targets, eventually settling on a group
of tanks on the west flank. Nice shooting. The crew
are obviously working hard for those improved combat rations. Charging in to finish the job gets
our Top Gun to… well, Top Gun. The Type gets a little banged
up in the excitement as well. The engine sounds a little
unhealthy for a while, but only until the repair kit
comes off its cooldown. There’s a big push
into friendly territory, with nobody left to guard the base,
aside from our Champion. Better start thinning out the herd. There’s a brief capture warning, but it doesn’t look like the
opponents are serious about it. STRAIKER_ disposes of a T71
with a single quick shot, just in time before
the next foe charges in. The WZ-131 is the Type’s more
powerful, non-premium version. It’s a tough fight, but our hero
prevails, one hit from death. The remaining teammates have
been working on a capture. It’s starting to look like
they may even pull it off. It’s a good effort,
but their luck runs out. One of the cappers
is felled by a Nashorn, which doesn’t get to celebrate for long. STRAIKER_ has time for a single shot, before the last friendly
dies in a 1 vs. 3 gank. Another shot brings the odds down,
and anyway, they are just SPGs. A hasty shotgun attempt falls short, and a second SPG turns
into a smoking wreck. The remaining foe manages to beat
the reload, barely making it into cover. Still, how hard could it be? STRAIKER_ hesitates
at the last moment, looping around again before going in. The first shot misses,
but reload is quick. Oh no… Twelve kills, but it ends in Heartbreak. STRAIKER_ played an excellent game, only messing up
on the very cusp of victory. Hopefully, getting on the show
makes you feel a little better about it. That’s it for this episode. We look forward to seeing
what you manage to pull off next. I’m Luke Kneller. Thanks for watching
and I’ll see you next time. Rrredi? Okei let’s do dis. Hallo am Ljuk Nieler
and wlcome 2 bess ripley of da wik. In dis apetsode
we hav en enusual luking still… Nah, it’s ok.


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