Best Replays of the Week International #42


Hello, I’m Luke Kneller and welcome to Best Replays of the Week. In this episode we have: some Armored Fist action, an autoloader cutting enemies like wheat, and an unexpected Top Gun. Just so you know: these replays were found on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet, stuck in the disuse lavatory with the sign on the door saying “Beware of the Leopard”. So get up from in front of that bulldozer, come down to the pub for some pints and bring your towel with you! Let’s begin with an Armored Fist game from the EU servers, where KettuTytti and six hearty clan-mates battle for bragging rights to the Sigfried Line. KettuTytti drives an IS-3, the tank which forms the backbone of the FIN clan’s force. The opposing team has a more varied mix of machinery. Tytti rushes the first shot, but lands the next two and scores a kill for the team. Things start going wrong though, and before long it’s starting to look like a crushing defeat. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going. KettuTytti wins the duel, and punches a hole into a Caernarvon for good measure. The last ally goes down, leaving Tytti with three tanks to deal with. Our hero reverses into cover, tagging the British heavy a second time on the way. They do not follow, and instead attempt a capture. KettuTytti circles around, peeks out of cover and assassinates one of the Tigers. The second Tiger is in cover, and the two heavies bounce shots off each other’s turrets. The opponent pulls back behind the burning hulk of the first tiger, but as it turns its turret there’s a tiny opening. One sniper shot later the enemies are down to one. The Caernarvon is coming. Its turret rises into view and… BOOM! The game is over. A nice quick game there to get us going. The more grim things got, the harder KettuTytti tried to save the day. Well played, Fox Girl! Continuing on the EU servers we have a Top Gun game, but with a machine I never expected to see on the show. The Churchill Gun Carrier can be very challenging to play, so maybe that’s why Yung_xD is making that face. The battle is an Encounter on Murovanka, and the Gun Carrier is in the middle of the pack. Yung heads East, entertaining the other players with an anecdote along the way. Enemies have been spotted. Yung turns towards them, but gets pounced upon by a Luchs. It makes the mistake of turning back, and becomes the first kill of the match. This O-I deserves some attention. The Gun Carrier has good gun depression, so Yung can peek-a-boom over the little hill. There’s always time to harass a Tiger before finishing off a kill. A Škoda T 24 bolts like a startled rabbit after the first shot, but it doesn’t get away. The Tiger from earlier receives more punishment, but an ally claims the kill. Yung creeps towards the next victim, and is once again ambushed by a rodent. The Chi-Nu doesn’t make use of its mobility advantage, and becomes kill number four. The KV-85 bounces a shot, and a T67 takes its place as the fifth kill. Not to worry though, the KV follows it to the garage soon after. Picking off a damaged Hellcat is easy enough, and then it’s time to go sort out the capture. The game is 3 against 3 and Yung is at seven kills. A second O-I comes into view. The Gun Carrier can damage it well enough, but trading shots is a bad idea. As we can see. Luckily, there’s no follow up shot, and Yung can slip away un-killed. The distant SU-152 is a difficult target, but repeated attempts get it down to 3 hit points. The O-I is now killable if Yung can get to it without risking a shot. The opponent backs up, exposing a flat surface, and gets blown up. That’s eight kills, and all allies are dead. Can this unlikely murder machine carry the game all the way? The capture bar is getting uncomfortably long, and there are two opponents to deal with. Which one first? Yung turns towards the AT-2, they both fire, and blow up in a double kill! Oh no! Another heartbreak ending this season, this time for an unexpected kill streak. Just take a look at those numbers. 5k damage is impressive with any tier 6 machine, but with this turretless crawler it’s downright amazing. Now let’s move over to the Asian server for a Defender game featuring LeChippy in a tough-as-nails KV-3. The match is a tier 7 Assault on Sigfried Line. The Defender heads north and meets the attacking force at the outskirts of the city. The Jumbo’s thick armour is not a problem for the KV. The 122mm shells blast through every opponent, and soon claim the first kill of the match. As the Object blows up, our defender realizes the flank is clear. Time to head back into town, helping to dispose of an Object 416 along the way. LeChippy beats up an O-Ni, and then a T29, with teammates securing each kill. The base is getting captured though, and those allies are starting to run out. The IS-2 gives back as good as it gets, and it seems to have a lot of friends. The Defender trusts in the KV’s armour and pushes through towards the capture zone. So close and yet so far. The track comes off at a bad time, but luckily their platoon mate comes through with the reset. Back on the move, and with a lucky hit on a Comet for good measure. The platoon mate gets a few last hits on the capper before dying and leaving LeChippy alone against five. Ok, let’s do this. Four of the five are here, but the T-150 has clearly bailed from the match. LeChippy finishes off the Comet and struggles to draw a bead on the AMX. The KV-3 is a tough machine, but it’s starting to run out of undamaged components. The AMX is down, and the SU-100Y hilariously finishes off its AFK teammate. This is bad. The artillery strike turns our Defender into a sitting duck, and the enemy can’t miss at this range. Somehow the TD finds a way to mess up its shot, and LeChippy turns it into scrap. The arty is still on the ball however, this time lighting the tank on fire. “It would be good to get going now. Really good. Guys?” The track is repaired at the last possible moment, and the artillery strike misses by meters. The arty tries its luck a few more times, but LeChippy is long gone. The KV is mostly held together with duct tape at this point, and the Defender needs to avoid any further artillery strikes. LeChippy sets up an ambush and waits, and then waits some more. When the SPG does appear, it’s from the other side of the capture circle! The FV fires on the move and misses. LeChippy returns fire, missing as well. The FVs second attempt goes high, and it doesn’t get a third go. Victory for the Defender. Well done, LeChippy! Sometimes we need luck as well as skill, but the most important thing is to keep fighting, no matter the odds. Now let’s go back to the EU region for a three player Brothers-in-Arms game on Fjords. The players are fredstera, driving an IS-5, Darkness03 in an AMX Chasseur de chars and gruzin93 in a T34. The trio take up defensible positions in the middle of the map, and give a warm welcome to any opponents who come into view. The first kill goes to fredstera, who apparently doesn’t need to see you to kill you. gruzin pushes ahead to get eyes on the enemies, while fredstera repeats the blind fire trick on a Panther 8.8. gruzin works to dismantle a Type 59 while Darkness dashes forward and takes out a Caernarvon. fredstera drives around the mountain to guard the base, and gets charged by a WZ-131. A tracking hit ends the flanking attempt, but as it retreats two more opponents come rolling in. gruzin joins the fray, and so does an enemy IS-3. The T34 score’s its second kill, evening out the odds a bit. The WZ-111 lands a hit on gruzin before the two platoon mates dismantle is together. The Chinese scout manages to get away, while the platoon’s last ally dies in the distance. The game is three against nine, and the allies didn’t manage a single kill. fredstera heads back to the Northern side, leaving gruzin alone to hold the South. Falling trees warn of approaching enemies, аnd an E-75 rolls into view. fredstera is ready, and puts a HEAT round through its lower glacis. gruzin holds the Southern approach, cutting down an AMX 13 75, while Darkness takes out it’s bigger brother. fredstera pushes out to challenge a Centurion 7/1 and a T-34/100, with Darkness providing fire support. As an enemy goes down, a T20 joins the battle. It’s starting to look bad for the IS-5, but Darkness uses the speed of the CDC to dash forward and turn the tide. The game is finally even, but gruzin is in trouble. The remaining enemies are all in the south, with a Jagdtiger as the tip of the spear. Darkness races in to help, but doesn’t get there in time. The platoon mates have to be very careful now, as they are low on hit points and the CDC has no armour. fredstera punches a hole into the SU-152, as Darkness works to stay alive and keep the enemies spotted. The Jagdtiger comes bulldozing through the house and Darkness has to run for it. fredstera takes the opportunity to end the SU-152, and the game is 2 vs. 2. Darkness pounces on the scout, and turns around to engage the Jagdtiger. The big TD tries to push through another house, but this one was built to last. It starts turning around to deal with the CDC instead, but this allows the IS-5 to join in. One more double tap and the game is over. 15 kills for the platoon. Between the three of them, they wiped out the entire enemy team. This rare achievement makes them our Brothers-in-Arms of the Week. Congratulation. We’ll wrap up the episode with a Crucial Contribution from the EU region, as eXe29 takes an AMX 50 B onto the Mountain Pass. The match has only four tier 10s, and more than half are tier 8. This is definitely eXe29’s game to carry, so let’s see how it plays out. There’s nobody to ambush from E2, so the AMX joins the main push down South. eXe29 tires of caution and goes on the attack. The AMX takes a hit going in, but the enemy heavy gets clipped down in seconds. The American rival is crossing the bridge and eXe29 takes the opportunity to put a few shells into him. Rather than reload the AMX goes forward and pumps the remaining shells onto a Conway. eXe29 focuses like a zen warrior and explodes into action. A single drum of shells produces four kills in an amazingly rapid sequence. Even with that kill spree the team is getting more and more behind. eXe29 fires a shell at a speeding SP I C, and uses the other three to clip down a T30. It’s two against six now, and there are enemies in the capture zone. As the AMX races against the capture bar, the last ally dies in a de-cap attempt. The bar hits 100, but eXe29 blows up a capper before the exclamation mark appears! The second opponent can just blink in confusion before joining its friend in the scrapyard. Ok. One against four, with three of them being artillery. eXe29 drives back south, and makes short work of one of them. The capture alarm goes off again, and it’s time to drive back to the base once more. Taking out a T28 Prototype isn’t much of a challenge, but the hit point loss will make arty hunting more dangerous. A two minute warning goes off. Is there enough left to hunt down the SPGs? eXe29 is going in with HE loaded. One minute, this is it. The AMX drives straight up the ramp, and is rewarded with a one hit kill. Where’s the second one though? The clock is ticking! As it happens the last SPG comes into view, looking a little unprepared. eXe29 fires, and misses, as the opponent lines up a shot. Both fire at the same time, but the opponent’s shell goes high and wide. Victory, and with 24 seconds to spare. Ok, top tier autoloader and all that, but 12 kills is pretty impressive. Add in that last second base defence, and this is definitely the Crucial Contribution of the Week. Great work, eXe29! So that’s the answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe and Everything. But 15 kills in a platoon! Literally, that has never happened for me. I have 2 options… get good or get better platoon mates… hmm, ok maybe only one option. *clears throat* I’m Luke Kneller, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time!


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  1. CS Rage

    September 16, 2016 11:47 pm

    "All you need is luck".
    If you drive a fucking wannabe strong ruski shit tank you already have lucky programed with it.

  2. restoreleader

    September 17, 2016 2:39 am

    If kv3 spamming gold into tier 6 is best replay, what is average? Afk? That Churchill is just waste of time to comment.

  3. Mr.009mm Killuminati

    September 17, 2016 11:24 am

    thats why it can be very pointless to use prem. made 90 with a prem account, so 60k. then only gets 9 after all that with firing prem. if he didnt have the prem account he would have been minus 21k. qb always says look i made a profit, of like 4k and with prem. so you would have went minus if you didnt have that. i make good credits using no prem, not using consumables on tanks less then teir 5 and only use it if i know i can get out of the situation. many including qb will use there repair kit and still go down. you dont have to use it all the time. there are many cases you arent going to get out a situation even if you use it. i play every tank, highest tank is russian ive got to. unlocked the is and havent got it yet. console i went through russian tanks so fast. its not cause there that good, jk. i got 53% win and 830 wn8. remember i play all tanks including crap arty. i just play and unlock all tanks and modules. so i grind every tank even if i dislike it and suck with that tank. i ralry use my free xp unless i want to not play the rest of a tank no more then 6-10k xp. my wn8 keeps slowly going up. so i can easliy get over 1000 with doing all that. so when i actually get to the good higher tier tanks 6-9. cause 10 you can easliy lose money. but thats just credits. also wot on pc is my first online pc game ive ever played. i played doom with a controller when i was like 8 and wolfinstein. i played bots on bf2 and bf 1942 on my last pc that was a alright gaming pc from 05-06. that was maybe two or three years ago. so when i played with 64 bots i had like 10 fps. cant remember what it was on 16 bots. but a controller was always what i was better at. i got used to it playing wot for almost a year now with key board and mouse. still dont do that good in fps games. better then when i started on bf2. but if i had a controller even on wot i would probably do better. but qb say why mis once or tice when you can pen with one. thats if you do and even with a 122mm gun on the is or is6. you can fire about 4 times before you go over the cost of one prem round. if you dont do that much damage after that and lose. you would have been better off using none at all. plus i think autoaim and prem rounds take away from skill, even with rng as a factor.

  4. Musketeer009

    September 17, 2016 11:26 am

    Mr Neller. Good vid as always, but your pronunciation of french tank names is atrocious. You manage with german tanks, so why not with Chasseur des chars? The french 'ch' is pronounced like the english 'sh'… so 'shasser de shar' is how you should pronounce it. I hope to see the improvement soon. Keep up the good work.


    September 17, 2016 1:38 pm

    The gun carrier played with full premium ammo. He shouldnt have been featured, he should have been sent to auschwitz.

  6. Commander Nightingale

    September 17, 2016 8:58 pm

    KettuTytti : (IS-3) (clan wars) : 0:41 – 2:18

    Yung_xD : (churchill Gun carrier) (random battle) (top gun) : 2:20 – 5:01

    LeChippy : ( Kv-3) ( Assault) (Defender) : 5:03 – 7:59

    fredstera : (IS-5), Darkness03 : (AMX CDC), gruzin93 : (T34) (Brothers In Arms) : 8:02 – 11:18

    eXe29 (AMX 50 B) (crucial contribution) : 11:20 – 14:16

  7. Dr. Georgios Koutsoukis

    September 17, 2016 11:52 pm

    Really? The top gun goes to a dude spamming gold ammo? That's just unfair…. Oh and WG just stop fucking promoting your Tier 8 premium tanks by showing us what credits can do!!! (aka spamming premium ammo but using credits)

  8. Gregory Sterkowski

    September 18, 2016 5:00 pm

    Lechippy on KV-3 nice auto aim bot… I've heard that WG is banning players for using programs like that?

  9. Julius Senegal

    September 18, 2016 10:15 pm

    Am I the only one who wonders why so many dumb enemies are driving around? Seriously, it should be renamed "Bobs in WoT". I don't see any skill in those replays.

  10. ares354 ares354

    September 19, 2016 3:28 am

    4.50 -123,200 credtis for ammo, in tier 7, but mostly tier 6 tanks…, gun have over 200 mm pen on AP…

    Top gun has 214 pen on AP, more then some tier7 TD….skill!!!


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