Beginners guide to archery Pt3: Archery arrows 101

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Now then, we are going to look at arrows with different styles of bows. This is a wood arrow, feather fletchings, nocks, points. These are more for your traditional bows, can be used with recurves. Wouldn’t recommend wood for compounds, not at all really. Wouldn’t shoot a wood arrow out of a compound, totally not recommend it. These like I said, recurve, flat bow, longbow. Wood arrows, they come in different spans for different weight bows. Different shapes and colors of knobs, different colors, and shapes of fletchings. Different sizes from one and a half inch up to 4,5,6 inch. You can three fletch them and all sorts here. Like I said, wood arrow, I recommend it for the traditional gear. Also, if you are not sure on spines, give us a ring. We will sort you out. Recommend what you need for your bow, not a problem. Like I said, please don’t shoot them out of a compound, I wouldn’t recommend it. Next one we are going to look at is Carbon. This is the new kind of arrow, new material – Carbon. These will come out of a recurves, your compounds. Wouldn’t recommend it by a longbow. You can’t do it… you know, if you shoot off your hand or off a shelf, I would recommend changing it to feathers, not the plastic ones. These are plastic. On modern bows, you shoot off an arrow rest, so you are not catching on the shelf or on your hand. Yet again, Carbon fiber – a lot lighter, a lot faster, a lot stronger. Different spans again. If you are not sure, give us a ring. We will help you out. We sell all different makes – Easterns, Victories, Gold, Carbon Express, Gold Tip – whatever you want, we can get it, not a problem. Next after that, aluminium. Yeah, same again. Wouldn’t really recommend it of a longbow. More for your recurves. Wouldn’t shoot these with plastic vains again off a rest, unless it’s a proper rest, you know of the shelf. Yeah, points. The thing again with these – a lit bit weaker than carbon, lighter than wood. Wouldn’t recommend them really off a longbow or anything like that or flat bow, they are more traditional. Use your wood shafts. Different spines again for different weights. Not every arrow will come off a bow if you don’t know what you are doing. Give us a ring, we will help you out. Thank you very much. [Music]


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