Beautiful Camelot Golfland Mini Golf Course Tour. So California


Hey guys Camelot slash Golf Land Southern California tour here we are States they’re the Camelot adventure we’ve got everything here Boy they have everything raceway Waterslide they have everything here. This is huge Funny thing is the parent company or should I say the owners which is golf land or golf land USA is Where I spent my childhood in? Sunnyvale, California, I think that was one of the first golf plans built and the two sons Jim and John Kenny I actually went to Boy Scouts with when we were teenagers Water slides your clothes a little bit cold although It is 70 here today, so gonna give you a little brief tour of how nice these parks really are And how well kept up these Gulf lands are I’ve been to half a dozen of these But I didn’t really know there was one in Down here, Southern California, we are right next to Anaheim Look at the slides look at the water park This is about as nice of a golf course as you can humanly find Look how nice and groomed funny thing is guys. This is real grass This is right along the 91 freeway as you could see Like they’re doing a little maintenance here, maybe some new carpeting on this side Look at all the beautiful palm trees I’ll have to google and find out when this place opened, but the one I grew up in it was open in the early 70s And it was equally as nice as this one looks like there’s two sets of 18 holes here This would be the best time to play mini-golf down here This is 11 o’clock in the morning that just opened and the weather is absolutely beautiful about 70 degrees Here’s the 19th, hole where you can win a free game. I remember those There’s their bumper boat Lake not sure if this is open for the season or not You see how they keep up everything though their boats are covered keep them out of the elements These this is known as pride in ownership guys This set of holes apparently is called the ivory expedition safety first Here are Ere are the rules to mini-golf Guess anybody was interested Alright guys that was a little brief tour. We’re gonna take you inside to the arcade Which is just as spectacular as the outside here? So guys look for the arcade tour coming up next thanks for coming. Thanks for viewing nevada arcade house


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  1. None of yo'biz!

    March 12, 2018 6:50 pm

    With all these videos here in California soon you will have to change your name to California Arcade😂😂


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