Be Inspired: 2019 Warrior Games

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(water gurgling) – [Man] All the athletes have such an amazing story. – [Scottish Woman] And
everyone’s story’s different. We’re just writing a new chapter, they’re turning a new page. – Everybody ready? (dramatic music) – [Woman] No matter where we’re from, no matter what we’ve been through, we’re all here to play sports. – [Man] I kinda went in this year not expecting anything. – [American Man] There
are no words for it, very impressive, every athlete here. – [Scottish Woman] Just how, overwhelming, but in a good way. – [Teenage Girl] This is so cool, I want to do this. (flame ignites) (crowd cheering) Seeing all the different teams, from the different branches and from the different countries, everybody all together. (team chanting) (athlete grunts) (shotput thuds) (energetic music) (arrow thuds) (bell sounds) – [Scottish Woman] Whether you win, you come in last, it doesn’t matter. – [American Girl] Medals are nice but, the comradery is really
what’s important here. – [Scottish Woman] The support you get from someone you have never met. – [Boy] It’s gonna
inspire me to do better. – [Team] Two, three, freeze! (dramatic music builds) (light clapping) (girl cheers) (marching footsteps) (man sings) – [Scottish Woman] Every
single step of the way my family has been amazing. – [Woman] You’re inspired by the people around you. – [Man] The team, my wife, my son, my family, motivates me to continue. Hopefully come back next
year a little stronger. – [American Man] Everyday
something will remind me of one of my buddies
that was caught in action. I think of them when I
started to get tired. For the longest time I
couldn’t talk about it without breaking down but now I know that I’m doing all this for them. (slicing sound)


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