Basic Golf Equipment : Golf Putter Types

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Alright, the next thing I want to talk about
is the putter. Probably the most overlooked club in the bag and the most important club
in the bag. Now, I’ve got a couple here that you can take a look at. This is what we call
a heel balance putter. You can see the shaft, it starts here at the heel of the putter and
if you balance this putter, if you balance it like that, you can see the toe angled down.
And, that’s basically a toe weighted putter. You take this putter. I’m going to grab this
putter–this is a mallet putter. This is called a faced balanced putter. I’ll tell you the
difference in the both of them. You see how that one is basically flat and square. And
this is basically for when you go out on the golf course and you set up and you start putting
and hitting these puts, what feel comfortable. Putting is all about being comfortable. With
a putter like this, you are going to promote a swinging arch. This is going to be more
of a pendulum motion with this putter right here. If you feel comfortable when you get
up to a put and you feel like taking it more straight back and straight through, look for
a faced balanced putter. It might help you in your golf game and it will definitely help
you with your putting. If you are looking for a more rounded putting stroke, one that
comes more around your body, a toe weighted putter is going to be better for you. And
like I said, putting is all about being comfortable and setting up for what you like and one of
the things you can see on both of these putters is the grips. These are two vastly different
grips and one things I want to talk about next is the different types of grips you can
get. Not only on your putter, but on your irons and your woods.


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  1. redneck powertruck

    April 15, 2011 4:19 am

    that helped a lot, i have a face balanced putter, as you say, and i realize now why i never liked it, i need a toe balanced one !


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