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they’re good now you’d come for it
oh okay yeah helping Martin putting his new line on his real his fishing reel
that he just got today they like our heads right now
he’s trying to set up his pole right now almost successfully but he can’t see the
lines that kind of the lines kind of light right yeah and he’s tying it so we
can go on to the rail and whoops and he laughs so hard he almost shit his people it’s a bit challenging it’s so light
hard to see it good so you can do some 360 action to her fishing oh so you don’t have to have your camera
go out go out there you go just use this yep
for both in standard and 360 god I’m jealous
Am I to do an 360 but you don’t have the 3d
capability mm-hmm so hmm what school you can see
come yeah yeah I know I can use it I’m just looking at the adapter I know you
told me that well you’ve been giving a memory stick okay I have the phone in my
hair I had this 360 camera in my hand you have to start over see if that switches okay let’s just do
this okay I can hold this and at the same time as doing yeah I can do it I
can balance it juggle it all okay I don’t want to get tangled here you go okay take take it slow to make sure it
is no we don’t do that we just we’re just gonna try to catch the fish don’t
kill yourself afterwards if it gets slow it gets slow dance this will have fun
trying well speak like my unfortunately
unfortunately it is not a winner just give it a shot catching dirt what do you think I am all very funny
man but I’m too small I’m small for everything I’m small for I’m too short
small I’m just a little guy I don’t mean nothing
I’m not edible I have no meat on me yeah good sized fish eh I think I’m a
good size fish yeah break okay yes I know better come along good huh that’s
what I want to hear hey okay will this think it’s hot there’s a normal I think
it’s warm Oh second let’s say got caught up in
them take it easy take it easy slow down slow down slow down yeah it’s wrapping around this thing and
tangling up so let me get it straight okay go Oh stay there okay okay go I’ll
do this so I can see it it’s going around my hand you go too fast
load up okay go ahead go okay keep going you find out you got enough on there what’s making sure you got plenty on
there no you can’t go overboard either just make sure it’s like middle oh yeah
sure you do sure you do right you wish you did wish you got a
big one oh very funny oh wait a minute wait a minute law
second law saying it this is getting caught well that’s wrapped around look
maybe it’s gonna be weird when you show it it’s gonna be you gonna see it going
you’re gonna see it going around okay hold on a second now you get entangled
again okay I can fake cow plate well I think I
got enough uh yeah good I think a not Poisson on yet you don’t know you’ll
judge when you don’t know I go take a big cow jumping line telling me about okay well I can umber I can let the badge
hey bitch back in Milan amazing okay come on BAE bye ya thank ya I got it well my guy something I got
first ever you back to smile what’d I tell you quit calling me smile yeah we’re gonna do okay good no eggs
and no no no no I’m holding both it’s watching it stop oh that is that big we hmm it will go up one yeah it’s an hour take okay not the end of me oh that’s not me
that’s on the line that’s a lot of working out in it yeah a long day today
yep yes hmm lot of traveling getting up here
is um Lake Arrowhead be paid though huh is I’m Louie did I go in yep Wow that’s why I live do you to do and I
just go fishing with you you do the work hey I go fishing that’s how it works man
goes no I’m not gonna take I’ll mess up I want to mess it up don’t you work here
we go you forgot the way yeah we you forgot the wait see wait I guess so sinkers sink it get it sink it but the sinking on blow it on going on it yeah that’s a nice treehouse Oh remember to bring all the weights
with us at home yeah okay so we can do that another pole come on whatever they are and he’s got the weight on people ladies
and gentlemen he got the weight on and he’s blowing it because it’s getting in
his face I guess so oh yeah okay so I want you to lose your case okay put the
case on the chair and this Kim here okay yeah really
and what’s that supposed to do for that though what purpose is that yeah for
that okay if not in well I know what that is it keeps it to the line to stay
down in the water yeah I know what that I know what the weights are just didn’t
know what that was okay no I know what the hook is I know what those two things
purposely are just didn’t know what that was supposed to do okay that’s gonna be
a challenge to get that through there oh my goodness
here hold the camera take a break okay yeah notice hot yeah almost got it okay goodies got it go a bug quick how about
this I’m holding the ball I’m all on the pole oh you got it on well I’m impressed I’m holding it Oh oops okay we’re to go ahead draw for the drop oh crap I’m trying to stop it
well okay sort of okay oh here it is so here’s the oh here’s
the Zoey here’s that oh okay the wait now where does that drop at oh that’s the weight away
oh there’s the end of the oh shoot I’m gonna have to bring the lie back up lost
it here oh sorry you are you I did come okay I’ll try to
do this okay panda in the bond buying okay funding no
I stuck here yeah because you already put the line on okay tell why do out don’t thought our bags
heck I you know it’s not easy task to do this is the only time you get these bugs
right yeah yeah Jim we not getting rental some much boob girl yes okay okay bro make sure you when you cut
dope yeah yeah me I’ve got the condom when I go okay good yeah I may be cut
too deep ah yeah in the butt so not be go for it that’s good we find the hooks no more kill the bug said of an apple point you
is spray you


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