Around The World Putting Challenge (Feat: GM Golf & Zac Radford)


frustration sent in for Brodie guys I'm telling you right now he sweating so much his shirts changing colors I think at this point we have all agreed turn turn turn we are here at sweetings Co just outside of Nashville Tennessee I'm with the crew we got Garrett who's that Zach am i right and we got Matt and Steven on my left we are gonna be doing around the world NBA free agency has been popping off has anyone been falling and be a free agency yes Lakers are gonna be stacked next year how about the Clippers and they're getting quite hiring but yeah yeah yeah I'm not too worried about the Clippers it's all about the lake show thank you because of that we're gonna be doing a little fun game that a lot of us played in basketball which was around the world but we're doing it golf style puttting style we're gonna have a 3-footer a four footer a four footer a 3-footer an 8-footer a 10-footer a 10-footer an eight footer and the first to do that wins now you can chance it which is everyone's favorite thing if you chance it after a missed putt and you make it you continue if you miss the chance you go back to the game first to complete is the winner and the winner of this challenge gets what a shout-out right on everyone's story yeah I can shout themselves out they get they get one IG story on everyone's Instagram gonna be insane you can do whatever they want with it keep it family-friendly yeah especially you let's jump into it we're gonna have Guerra go first basically how it's gonna work I don't know what Zach's doing in practicing that is illegal I'm the one going free yeah there's there's a little bit chillon Singh going on over here he has this three footer to start if he makes it he moves on to the next location and if he continues to make it on his first try it you keep moving on if you miss it though you can chance it and you get a second try but if you miss your second try you restart to the beginning so it's pretty dirty okay round one Garrett's up three footer the Greens out here at Sweden's they are kind of saucy I can see it from here so hopefully he can see it as well and he did he's moving on that's a good first putt I'm being very smart by filming straight behind you so I get all the reads Stephen is off to the side getting some Dark Horse reads putt number two here oh my gosh does he chance it oh he says of course he chances it we're still early on the video so early on Aaron's warming up great chance any chance as you want I feel like Garrett's got a chance every time he's gonna miss one it's gonna be hilarious oh yeah my future caddie is actually here in the video that I'm doing with Zack he's getting the reads for me on this hole which is crucial for me yeah Stephen Stephens a little bit behind the 8-ball well jared is just draining this course like it's easy now that was the easy part okay that was the three four four three now we're getting into the 8 10 10 8 where Nashville as you guys already know I'm from Kansas City and we drove nine hours and I didn't think about it but I left my putter so this is actually Matt's putter that I mean okay so mid-round going out the excuses mid-round after you just drained four putts I like it really trying to get the crowd sympathy on his side that is that's accurate that's true I mean there's there's something there it's going way outside left here does it break in oh wow okay someone came to play Gary could put a lot of pressure on everyone here if he continues this reign of terror of the putting green he might be turning into a Spider putter after this that's not good this is where it's gonna get interesting I think if he would have read that a little bit better I think he makes it like there's almost every beat of my heart that thinks he makes this putt if he hits it again okay you have five seconds oh he's chancing it oh no back to the beginning Matt has read all the putts now the question is can he execute that is something that he's been struggling with lately the execution I mean he did have some missed turns on the drive over here I think it took us approximately 45 minutes longer to get to this course than it oh gosh that's what you what do you call that that was just a bad putting stroke oh yeah all right he's bringing the bat he's bringing it back no oh he's in his head it's dull he's early on Steven you feeling it okay Stevens going up Steven is definitely the Dark Horse situation here he was thinking about going with a wedge for this competition which would have been very interesting never been done before I don't think this games ever been done before whoa Wow okay he's off to a great start Wow the pushpot is really feeling it and moving on right now Matt just got a text from his mom saying Wow get lit son yeah yeah oh just just half a second thought right there sometimes the best decisions in life are the ones that you take half a second to think about guys money oh my gosh without a doubt Steven cruising on here location number four okay a lot of confidence from the side gallery oh boy oh boy now Steven definitely has the most Dark Horse Instagram account of all Instagram accounts it's been two years since Steven has posted on his Instagram this could be a monumental win come on but knowing Stephen for less than two hours I feel like he might do something with charity not sure if he doesn't I feel really happy a really bad thing to do so he's not chancing all right Zach Bradford's up here first putz just as you guys already saw downhill right to what he's really reading it taking his time good pot well done and he made it on to the second round which is a four footer for you guys who don't already know Oh No Wow did not give that enough credit on how much that one broke yep don't know why you wouldn't chance this one that's what I keep saying this one has a lot of break folks oh no but that one didn't break well buddy what do you say about that I've got one person on the board and his name is Steven am i concerned no steven is a soccer player and he's doing the best out of all of us hi that's pretty funny it is not easy if I would have made that would have gone to practice putt No all right after that performance well that was a great start to round number one I would like to say my hands were sweating cuz I'm nervous but it's not cuz I'm a thousand degrees out here and that almost slipped out these first couple putts are very scary actually I think about it I set up a really good course here but he's just slaughtering it real quick they are out of beef and Garrett is going to town on these cows hopefully there's no vegans watching this I don't know goodness wow he's just really trying to make it to where he doesn't have to think I think them less he thinks the more he has a chance of making the putt potentially oh he's trying to walk Kevin nine Oh what's he doing what's he doing what's he doing oh he's going for it okay he's also putting with a ball that has a lot of mud on the side which I'm not sure if that's gonna really affect it oh wow now the thing is is if Matt misses this he's gonna really feel bad because he put a lot of bad vibes on my wow wow she is just didn't even look back at it yeah he doesn't like the right to left there's no confidence oh boy oh boy now he's going way outside now trying to sling this one in and it did it Garrett's still second-guessing about us chanting that somehow went back right I don't know I'm not sure how that went in I really thought that I was gonna miss so there's an interesting course so you got the first four putts all right to left breakers and then on the backhand side we got all left-to-right breakers we're really trying to see who has the right speed touch and line oh my gosh Wow okay first time ever on location six second person to make it this far Garrett made it this far round one and blew it oh my gosh II saw a lot more than I did there he's stopping all right he's on station six Stevens on station five Steven is back here he does have two attempts Steven needs to make this one folks needs to go in really big moment he leaves it a little low now that all right the peer pressure has sunk in Brody's super excited in the background doing the clown dance needs to make this putt does it go it starts trickling right in no it does not Steven what's that what's going on it's so Zach is back he could not make you pass round two but I'm hoping he's gonna do a little better this one good thing I got for him man going is even though Garrett made it all the way up there we are sitting in the same spot way did you really miss the second putt yeah yeah dang combined we've made one pot one putt with four ten all right every time I see that it's just it doesn't like the look of it Brody's not excited about that that's right that's right this is a tricky putt for Zach hopefully you can get they'll be short dude yeah give it an attempt Oh oh my goodness the same exact thing as last time dang it looks like he's gonna take his time here he does need to make this putt nice and quiet all right buried that one folks I think this one is the easiest part on the course though all right Zach starts rolling through here folks it does get scary now this folks is a tricky putt obviously we've had right-to-left hers all day now we're left to right now the game change is Brody in the background getting the job done oh oh he's going for it folks oh my okay all we does Jim just lips it brush you're getting to Brody now we'll be make us first of all here we go the toughest I don't know it's breaking a lot left to right all right good great start great start here today Brody's dialed in now I think this is a really tough putt though see what I mean that big hop to the left right when it starts all my goodness Brody just barely making that one on to Round three here easiest putt in the course the only guy to miss the first putt wins this thing I'd be like comeback story BAM he's feeling it take a quick intermission we've got a mission after he makes this putt cuz there's a guy on the green no he didn't oh my so after that quick intermission we are back right into the action with Brody smith button here on the fifth Oh thought he had it road oh he's pocketing the ball folks okay little dark horse move like DM golf into the action the guy that chances everything start for the beginning here probably gonna blow oh ma alright okay okay right okay dang okay Garrett just rolls through that putt here's the deal guys now Brody's talking some trash about his strategies and honestly two three footers and to perform I know I missed it but then I made it right if you pocket that one it's a waste of attempt because you can just get right back to it if you make all the short putts you know okay ah see here we got a couple of strategies playing here oh my Garrett Garrett equals Thanos love that so so far as plan is being activated and initiated but these are the easiest putts on the course so he better make this one GZ is slamming those in there man okay pretty tricky putt though Wow obviously gonna chance it Garrett the man gonna get down here folks we're gonna get kind of eye level here browning the background kind of watching the putt iron it down Oh No Garrett Clark back back to the beginning baby normally doesn't face him too much oh what's the question what's the question what's the question what's the question lots of people pushing the chance here okay we're back at the action does you like it does you like it and after that Brody's the only one left on the board all right the dark horse himself lining it up the fact that Steven has yet to miss that putt and I've missed it three times it's kind of mind-boggling but you know what sometimes it's your day oh you got a chance that there's no ifs ands or buts about it we're getting a 360 angle view here bippity Boppity bloop straight down the hill give it a roll so you can go in this putts low-key kind of tricky though you have to Ram it in that's all you have to do not a sponsored not sponsored none at all but we are looking for a company car love that chanting it don't know why wouldn't I'm gonna chance that chance you play way too safe way to say with story shoutouts misses left or right last time nobody knows we'll play replay right now oh I'll do it for you I'll edit it for you just edit it all out right dad he's chancing it God he's not going in his pocket and he's chanting it folks he's going against his own theory right here and that right there is why you chance it folks Matt what do you have to say about that Matt wind clutch he's already aiming a little too far left no I think he's missing it low look at his stroke his head's gonna come up early that's gonna look up early watch it oh no he can't high anyway okay all right he kept his head down and missed it high and he's gonna go ahead and chance that one not a good chance pop folks you want to know why a starting around for no one's on the board except for yours truly Garrett continuing to show how these putts are just for novice putts really now this is Zach's weakness and he says Oh sack you guys have something common yes have some in common Zach and Garrett are sharing a cart Zach and Garrett are sharing a cart and it's starting to bleed through this video might be an hour long we might just have to time warp all these shots I don't know if that's an actual thing time time war might be even faster [Applause] that's getting a little bit more of a Crouch into this putt trying to get lower to read it I think lumpy dumpy oh you were little slumped over there yeah the posture was not ideal very Jack Nicklaus asked no one's made this putt yet this is where I am stuck to you right now I'm gonna get a really good read for my turn he went a ball out to the left and it's not enough okay we're pocket pocket man as Steven made this putt don't believe he has this is going to not chancing it Steven pocketing went into his pocket dehydration's station is in full effect right now I think this is the second hardest putt on the course did he do it oh he's feeling it he's bringing it back to Garrett this is not a risk to most of us a mere mortal civilians this is a huge risk life-or-death and he just died round 5 we're back here with Garrett was what Wow and we're still in round 4 ignore that Brody's here I don't know we've seen this putt 5,000 times and I feel like no one's read it properly I got a cup left okay I got a couple effed as well okay speed is here we go super slow putt to it here's the dilemma that was the perfect putt I missed that's like good then I can't change it no pocket we got to see it going first yeah all right Garrett back on the tee here all right Garrett's rolling through these folks as you can tell he's gonna eye this one down because he's sick of missing it I think the audience wants to see it going yeah we're all sick of waiting carrot and I'm just the cameraman make the pot we're gonna be here all day this give me about six hours worth of footage brug I'm trying to speak reason and wisdom this young man's heart all right guys at this point I think we're all starting to get a little delirious and we really don't care who wins we just want there to be a winner we just want the balls to roll in he saw two putts after this one he's like he is he just did it he my gosh it's too scary Stephen still number five here he might we might not see him for an hour he's not chancing he's not feeling it all right who's up now Garrett Zach dear and folks we're back to the beginning with Zach Radford a one-and-done video idea this is harder than a hole-in-one challenge just like 70 feet worth the break and back to Zach we don't give up the Canadian coin might have to be picked up Zach we're all cheering for him now this is the hardest putt on the course those are like the future bosses that no one's ever gotten to oh my gosh I'm that's off the green please please do not chance it yes yes turn turn turn oh I couldn't hit that putt any better I thought that was in the heart one of the most Dark Horse Pokemon of all times you back yes say it's like six cups left right now Brody is aiming up there folks can you be the voice of reason here I need to be the voice of reason why are you going nine cups left let me dial it down that's it if it goes ah I got to be the voice of reason that Brody which hopefully works better than no it's good it's good oh gosh the weight there we go good stroke good putt well you know where's your pretty good pudding they're not easy putts oh boy Matt and Steven over there talking it up Steven might be the only hope he's like the he's like the Han Solo in this in this game some of us might be trying too hard I don't know I might just go blind folder because I'm one for one with no looking I'm really hoping that makes this cuz if he doesn't it's gonna be a big butt slap he's walked out that's what you needed Sweeney he just need a little bit of walk off recompose himself turn possible this point Stephen doesn't really care about the outcome other than just making this putt I don't know but you've missed it on the same side I think he's gonna chance at this name a little more left maybe a little more left just a tad it's a niche listen niche smidge can he make the putt that no one's made if no one can do it Stephen can he's going for the 500 we were talking about how this game really builds up the frustration level to where you just say I'm chancing it and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't for putts you've made for putts in a row in your entire life you can do it you do it you do it you do it alright really honestly Zach really is our best bet to complete this challenge Garrett might might have been a good pick he doesn't have his putter though so that's a bit of a disadvantage for him that's pretty streaky that putts impossible to make it was just Zach being the mature man that he is you know the financial advisor and he pockets right so Brody back to the beginning the bride he's gonna roll through these four hate those odds well alright well the 25 percent it's all that matters [Applause] Browdy all right right like 70 feet oh nice hug that one oh are you kidding me what'd you do tugging the whole the apostle putt I'm not even think about it don't you think about like where do I put this it don't matter matter matter dang that was good nice pocketing we have lost track of what round this is folks all of us are stuck on station number six one of the harder putts on the course oh my gosh moving straight in the wind is starting to pick up there are some storm clouds yeah this video could get rained out potentially this is the impossible putt we are all stuck on the impossible putt and the impossible putt Matt I think at this point we have all agreed he thought he missed it he was gonna go down to pick it up after a mess there's so much slope I think there is so much slope I am a hundred feet taller than you right now oh he just gave it so much okay are you are you chant his thing not impossible anymore the door is open we should all be draining this putt now I don't know yeah that looks terrible oh that got it oh my got this out about three feet gently it's gonna break that much from here yeah it's definitely not that much it might be a foot which should be right just needs to hit it softer see how it breaks past the hold up frustration sent in for Brody guys I'm telling you right now he's sweating so much his shirts changing colors he's just got a dial in and maoli good thank you next 10-footer Garrett Clark knows what he needs to do I think hey I don't think too much cuz it's not an easy but that looks good Gary Clark baby Wow now this is not good because Garrett started around seven we all get a chance okay okay I like that you start around 7 we all get a chance I'll let I'll wet a nap you know we know that we all have to make these putts we're all chanting from here on out literally raining you can see it no office oh yeah it doesn't look good one of us might be under the under the showers in our putt here he starts out way out left okay he's gonna have to chance it he really needs this to go oh he might have done it he might have done it Wow oh he's feeling it right now folks now he said this was the easiest putt in the course few moments ago it did look like it went that straight he's starting this way out to the right he started it way out to the right what his chances here I think it's a coin flip here his access coin flip Steven says 100% make he's lined up way better now okay we have two finishers yeah what do you think your chances go into the playoff hole and get this on yeah here is Stephen the Dark Horse pick didn't start far enough to the left I think we're okay I think Sweden's Cove is impossible to get rained on oh he made it he made it oh right now me and Zach have no invites to the prom Garrett and Matt have the hot dates we were just two dudes being single whoa that was him texting his crush and her putting it on scene and not responding gonna try now to slide into her deems here how's he do it I think he left it Justin oh okay she said I'll think about it now this is it up on the screen the dots are on the screen she's thinking about it he's waiting for her response and the dots disappear disappear the dots disappeared oh and the dots now have reappeared oh guys the dots are back the dots are back what is her answer to the question I think about hopping about she says I'm fully convinced that we're about to get destroyed by this storm bunny why are we all making that putt now are you kidding me pressures on that's why love that all right Brodie really needs to make this wind is currently blowing can he make it did he make it what Oh what part imagine Brodie Smith giving himself shout out on your channel or on your even though you only have 2,000 think about it did you make it hope you did not make it all right pressures on folks we need some intense music here even though Brody doesn't like the extra editing I'll do it for him we're gonna overlay some intense music because he's you need to make this party whole is gonna be closest to we're just going closest to from a certain distance which is right oh dear god what is that it's about to storm in I suppose from that location is the winner it's starting to sprinkle on us just let you guys know my camera is in the cart that's worth $3,000 hopefully it doesn't break oh here we go plentiful Garrett's got his own putter he just throws that ball he's down in this crevasse guys and he's got to go up this Ridge up it over the fact that you can see slope on the camera is insane you know we can't see it and there he goes he's playing it outside that actually might be really good if it takes this slope if it takes this slope oh my gosh oh my goodness I mean that was disgusting you can't quit no quitting a baseball the rain is literally taking over the forest it's about to start down pouring which means we literally need to go right now no thinking involved that's not making it down the slope there and Brody's got to make it within one foot to win Browdy that's a terrible way to fit that's it that is a terrible way to finish it we got to go hope you enjoy make sure you check out Garrett's channel which will be over here his video that we did on his channels over here check out Zach's channel which is gonna be over somewhere here the video we did on his channel make sure you subscribe to both this is coming down it's bad it's getting real bad Stevens not even and Steven still here okay I thought he already ran away and saved himself that is it guys we'll see you in the next one


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  1. Kyle Fulwider

    July 11, 2019 8:16 pm

    Sweet vid guys. Even though you missed the first shot, there's no chances on the first shot bro!!! Also would've been cool if Jon Baker (Fat Guy Golf) could've been there. Keep grinding!


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