Arnold Palmer Talks About Lamkin’s New Grips

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Arnold Palmer: In the early days Lamkin made
the best leather grips that I ever had and I tie it up with Bob Sr. and he was great.
He was very helpful and I will forever thank him for that because I give a great deal of
the credit for whatever success I have had playing professional golf. Two, the leather
grips that I used back in the old days, and now going to the composition is something
that I’m having fun with. Young Bob bought me some new grips that are really pretty fantastic.
I’m anxious to get out and hit some balls and try them. Bob: Look at where we’ve gone. Look at where
we started years ago when you first started playing golf, and look at where we’re at today/
And the evolution if you see in materials of the leather grip. What we’ve done here
with our new grip, which is the N-DUR Grip, and the material’s what we’re calling 3GEN
material. And it’s a material, a synthetic rubber material, that Lamkin has developed
that really provides color, the cosmetics, but also the functionality and the longevity
of a traditional black compound grip. Arnold Palmer: I’ve been with Lamkin forever
and they have really done a tremendous job in building the kind of grips for playing


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  1. sandwah9

    September 9, 2016 2:33 am

    I really wish you guys still made leather grips. There was no better feel and no more tacki grip that a good leather grip – it would beat all the competition today.


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