Archery | JVD Target Umbrella


Oh look! It’s raining! Wouldn’t it be good if I had a ridiculously convenient archery themed umbrella?! *saloon piano* Yup. You can buy target shaped umbrellas. These are actually great gift ideas for archers. Being useful and thematic, nothing could possibly go wrong! Right?! *cheery music* There are a couple of these floating around in most archery stores. There’s one by Fivics, who’s well known for making really good archery accessories. And one by JVD, who are well known for making target faces. This…actually makes sense. The one I have is a JVD and…well…it’s an umbrella I’m not entirely sure what people look for in umbrellas. *cheery saloon music* It has an ergonomic grip.Though, since it’s pretty long, it’s hard to hold with one hand, so I hold it higher up. *cheery saloon music* The spokes look quite strong, though, I’m not an expert in umbrellas. Mine had its tip broken off fairly easily, though, it doesn’t affect its function. My favorite part about the umbrella is that it makes a really cool sound when you pop it open. *rustle* *pop* *rustle* *pop* *rustle* *pop* *rustle* *pop* I hope you found this, uh, review helpful. This is NUSensei. Thanks for watching.
I’ll see you next time.


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