Archery | Advice for Women

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Hey guys, this is NUSensei and this video is about boobs. Archery is known to be a sport that is open
to everyone. Young, old, men and women. But, many women, and some men, express a certain
problem that affects them. To demonstrate what I’m talking about, I need
boobs. The problem is that for those who are well-endowed
in the chest area is how the heck do you use a bow when your boobs are in the way? Many have discovered that getting the string
caught between your boobs can result in a very painful slap. I absolutely cannot relate to this, but I’ve
been told it really, really hurts. If this is something you’re actually worried
about, don’t feel embarrassed. This is a valid and legitimate concern that
affects new archers. But don’t worry, there are ways around this. For those of us – or you – who don’t have
a particularly large chest, this isn’t so much a problem. But for many women, you have to change the
way you draw the bow. This is especially if you are taught a particular
way or if you are trying archery for the first time and you’re really worried that your boobs
might get in the way. The technique that is generally instinctive
for most people is to draw the string back, and you actually come out wide and into your
anchor point. That’s what causes the string to come between
your boobs and get in the way and really hit you. While this is okay for most people, as a well-endowed
female, you will have to consider that this will get in the way. The technique taught to female archers, especially
in this situation, is that you don’t draw the string around your chest. Instead, what you do is draw the string into
the side of the chest. So instead of coming around and getting it in between, you have
to consider that you come in into the side, like that. This may be a little different to what you
are used to, but by doing this, by coming in and having the string on the side of your
breast, you don’t risk it catching and causing painful agony when you shoot. Again, the key is the side of the breast.
Not around the breast, but to the side of the breast. Having it press against the side doesn’t hurt
as much, if at all. There are also a few other things that can
help. Firstly, compression. Sports bras do help. I don’t have one, but they do help to flatten
your surface area when using a bow. Secondly, chest guard, where the string can
slide off without catching onto your clothing or your skin. That makes it very comfortable, plus it also
helps add more compression. You don’t need to use one of these, especially
if you are using a very small bow. The longer bows will have the string come
across your chest more. If you are using a small bow, and especially
compound bows, you can get away without using one. But, if you shoot target recurve especially,
you will generally see this as standard equipment. It’s almost inconceivable to shoot without
one. Women especially do need this for their safety. Men also use this very frequently, mostly
because you want to flatten clothing. Even a puffy shirt can get caught. And again, men with large pecs will feel the
string come across their chest and it is painful. While we are on the topic of advice for women,
there are a few general recommendations for women that I would like to give for people
trying archery for the first time at a club or range. This is based on what I’ve seen from my club
and the years I’ve seen people come in and out. If you have long hair, you might want to consider
tying it back or tying it up. You might find, especially in windy weather,
that your long hair might come across your face and get caught up in the string. In regards to clothing, most people are okay,
but some women tend to be fashionable. I’m saying this as a generalisation, but if you’re
wearing t-shirt or shirt and jeans or regular pants, that’s okay. But if you are going to an archery session
or beginner course, then do dress appropriately. I do often see women, especially older women,
wear fancy clothes like wraps or shawls or that sort of thing. Anything that is long and flowy can get caught
in the string when you shoot. Generally, try to keep your clothing compact
and tight-fitting. Avoid loose, flowy robes or gowns. Also be mindful of your footwear. Archery
is much easier if you have flat soles. It’s easier to teach correct balance and weight
distribution when you have the feeling of your feet on the ground. If you’re wearing heels, you might find it
a little hard to get the feeling of what your feet should feel like. Additionally, because a lot of archery is
outdoors, you might find wearing heels in wet muddy grass to be a little undesirable. Finally, in the big picture, don’t be intimidated
by men. While it is a male majority sport, it doesn’t make it a masculine sport. It is something that can be enjoyed by everyone,
whether you’re an outdoor person or a casual recreational sportsperson. It’s something that everyone can access and
enjoy equally. You don’t need particular physical attributes. You can enjoy it – men, women, young, old
– it’s for everyone. If you are female and you have been thinking
about trying archery and you happen to be worried by this sort of thing, then don’t
be. There are ways around it and most things you
can ignore or find alternate methods. Finally, my advice to women is do try out
archery. It is something which we do have a minority of women in, especially young girls
in archery. We definitely encourage you to give it a shot. You will find that if you enjoy the sport,
people like Katniss Everdeen are heavily overrated. Anyway, this is NUSensei. Hope you found this
helpful. Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you next time.


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