Anaknya disebut Tak Punya Hati, Ayah PV Shindu Serang Balik Pelatih Kim Ji Hyun


PV Sindhu’s father, PV Ramana, attacked South Korean coach Kim Ji-hyun, the other day called his child heartless. Do not want to hear unilaterally, other Indian media, namely, immediately confirmed to the father of PV Sindhu, PV Ramana about the statement of his daughter’s former coach. Before accusing Sindhu of heartlessness, I want to know one important thing, did Kim tell Sindhu that she was seriously ill, and needed to be hospitalized and infused five times? ” PV Ramana said quoted from the media. And why does his son call the South Korean coach to ask about the exercise, even though the coach is sick, PV Ramana said if his daughter called because the coach did not show up at the scheduled training. “Try to look at the video again and consider the statement ‘When will you return to train me?’ Is it playing completely out of context? Obviously, Sindhu is a hard-working girl and wants to know when the two can continue training, ” “If he knew that Kim was ill, do you think he would not rush to help him at the hospital, although in my opinion, that’s not Sindhu’s job? “continued PV Ramana. PV Sindhu’s father also said that the task of Kim Ji-hyun as a coach paid by the Indian Pelatnas. should have an obligation to immediately notify the Head of the National Coach, Pullela Gopichand, about his illness. “Kim said no one came to see him, but you should ask Gopi if he told him about his illness, “From the information that has reached me, I can tell you that Kim slept at the home of Krishnapriya, one of the players, “instead of in his own apartment, which is much closer to PGBA (Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy),” concluded PV Ramana. PV Sindhu’s father also reiterated that his daughter never underestimated the role of a Kim Ji-hyun in his career. He always acknowledged how the impact given by the coach to make it able to bear the title of badminton world champion. Kim Ji-hyun himself is known to have wanted to resign before the 2019 Thailand Open but on the persuasion of Indonesian coach, Flandy Limpele, he also discouraged. However, the events after the Badminton World Championship finally made him determined to get out of the Pelatnas of India. Thanks for watching, and as always, greetings for badminton.


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  1. Rina chanel

    December 28, 2019 7:35 am

    Walaupun tdak dikasih tau…sindu seharusnya bertanya2 kemana pelatih qu kok gk muncul2? Berarti ini orang tipe cuex

  2. al dino

    December 28, 2019 9:18 am

    Pemain India tak akan maju kalau tidak di bantu coach negara lain,ya contoh nya setelah mulyohandoyo mundur tak ada lagi tunggal putranya redup

  3. one again

    December 28, 2019 1:26 pm

    Kalo mmg karena pelatih, kenapa kita sdh lama sekali belum punya juara dunia lagi di sektor tgal putra dan putri? India dahulu sdh punya pemain hebat sprti Prakash Padukone dan Gopichand. Apakh mereka dulu dilatih oleh pelatih asal Korea, Cina, atau Indonesia?

  4. Sho

    December 28, 2019 8:25 pm

    Sindhu should know if Kim is sick and cannot go to the training center for few days! . I believe Kim report to Gopichand if she can’t go to train for few days! Sindhu only cares about herself!

  5. Sho

    December 28, 2019 8:26 pm

    At least Sindhu should ask Kim what made her cannot come to the training !! Heartless Sindhu asked the wrong way and no emotional Intelligence

  6. Arham Nuriman

    December 29, 2019 3:36 am

    Lah bapaknya sendiri wajar aja.. Kesaksian dan pengalaman dari pelatih asing lainnya yg ngelatih badminton di india juga hampir sama..
    Dapat disimpulkan mungkin itu budaya india kali atau kebiasaan orang india emang begitu.
    Masalahnya bukan satu dua kali aja..
    Saya punya pengalaman di suatu forum diskusi football. Ketika itu saya gak tau Mumbai, eh dibilang bodoh tolol dan semacemnya dong. Orang india terlalu overconfident kali ye, kalo semua orang diseluruh dunia tau mumbai.
    Bagi orang yg tau mumbai mah sok aja lah. Misal lu (orang india) gak tau jakarta aja gk bakal gw bilang tulil kan. Saya rasa gen attitude bawaan mereka ya begitu.
    Dan akhir cerita sepertinya gw menang diskusi yg gak jelas bahas mumbai terkenal atau gak nya. Mau terkenal atau gak, emang nya lu yakin semua orang di dunia tau mumbai kan?.
    Bagi ku, aku gk mau mengenal mumbai lagi.

  7. Endah Kartikasari

    January 2, 2020 6:06 pm

    Kalau yg namanya attitude tuh susah,ya mereka gak ngerasa bersalah lah,mungkin Sindhu memang orang baik tapi attitude,sopan santun,tata Krama,itu yg kemungkinan besar kurang dimiliki atlet India


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