Advanced Free Golf Tips : How to Hit a Golf Ball Out of a Bunker


JOHNNY MILES: In this clip, I’m going to talk
about the mental anguish a lot of people suffer when they’re in a fairway bunker to shot over
water to almost an island green. If your focus is on the trouble, that’s where your ball
is going to go, okay? I’ve got a pretty good lie here in the bunker. It’s sitting up. So
long as I don’t hit this shot fat, the water is not even in play. I’m just going to treat
this, you know, as a thin lie in the fairway. I don’t have much of a lift to go over, but
I’m not focusing on the water, in fact all I’m looking at is the hole and just beyond
the hole where I’m going to hit it. Am I in a bunker? Yes. I can’t cry on my club, but
no big deal. This is a hazard, but it’s not that big a deal. The water, I’m not even looking
at it. Look beyond it, look at the pin. If you think like that, you’ll tend to swing
pass the pin to the pin. If you think about the water: Oh my gosh, I’m in a bunker. Oh,
trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble. Boom, it’s going right in the trouble. Change your
focus. Yes, you are in a hazard. You’re hitting over another hazard, but it’s a relatively
easy shot. Focus on the pin, stand up into it nice and tall and then just make a good


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