Act III, Part 8: Tiger Woods returns to the Memorial


Five-time Memorial
Tournament champion Tiger Woods looking to add
to his legend here in Ohio. Every time you
watch him, you think something amazing could happen. To somehow be up here
now, doing it again– it’s a blessing. Call your friends. Might be one of those days. Tiger Woods is
tied for the lead. (SINGING) We gon’, we gon’
hit ’em up like Tiger Woods. We go, we go. We gon’, we gon’ hit ’em up. Tiger teeing it
up here in Dublin for the first time
in three years. Making his ninth start on tour
since undergoing spinal fusion surgery, Tiger Woods returned
to the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide in
front of a hopeful fan base. Based on what he’s been
through with the back problems, if anyone can come
back out here and win, he’s the only guy
that can do it. The Tiger faithful
witnessed him struggle early in the opening round,
as he would go four over through his first seven holes. He needs to run the table
for the rest of this round. Come on, Tiger. Keep grinding. Plenty of time. All right, Tiger. A birdie at the next seemed to
provide the spark Tiger needed. That a boy. That a baby. Good roll, Tiger. Keep fighting. Good putt there, Tiger. Good putt. Good putt, Tiger. Following it up
with four birdies on his second nine
to finish even par. But evidence of his back
surgery was surfacing. My back is fused. I’m going to have days
where it’s just tight, and unfortunately, today
was one of those days. And that’s all right. I don’t any pain. Thank god. Few are more familiar
with the road to recovery than Tiger’s Wednesday pro-am
partner, Peyton Manning, who overcame a similar
procedure to his neck during a Hall of
Fame-worthy NFL career. I can certainly relate to
what Tiger has gone through on the physical side. I had to do the same thing, and
it’s just a real credit to him for being flexible. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s
contending heavily on Sunday for this tournament. And Manning isn’t
alone in thinking so. Hey, Tiger. Jeff, how you doing? Going to be your week. He was saying my
swing’s starting look a little bit better. And I said, I’m really
not that far away. And he totally agreed. Those words hold
strong in meaning for Tiger, who sits second
all time in career wins, one spot ahead of Nicholas– yet is winless since 2013. We all have to learn
how to win again. Particularly if you’ve been
a champion at one time, you’ll remember, and you
have that to draw on. In search of his
80th victory, there are a few places Tiger
has more memories to draw from than
Muirfield Village. What a touch. No way. Oh my gosh. That was incredible. I’ve always tried to
play at Jack’s events. I just happen to play well
on his golf courses, too. This one in particular
is very special. [CHEERING] You chip in more around
here than anybody I know. [LAUGHS] And he displayed his
comfort at Jack’s place during Wednesday’s
practice round. I said, Hi, Tiger. Hi, Tiger. He hit the ball, and
then it went in the hole. [CHEERING] And then after that, he
threw the ball to me. My heart dropped a little. Tiger kept hearts
pounding Friday, showing off more
Muir-filled magic. Spins back, has a chance
to go away in for eagle. And it does! The eagle has landed. Finishing the day five under,
and six strokes off the lead. No outward sign of the back
tightness that he referenced. He kept the momentum
going Saturday, with three birdies and an
eagle on the front nine to get to double figures. Game on. And faced a 14-footer
on the 15th hole to tie the leaders at 11 under. An emphatic fist pump for Tiger. But Tiger’s putter
staled, as he would bogey two of his last three holes. I’ve got a good feel
for what I’m doing. Even when I wasn’t feeling
my best on the first day, I did what I did yesterday. And today, for most of the
day, it was pretty darn good. Tiger showed early signs
of a Sunday charge, with an opening birdie
and another at the fifth. Two birdies so far today,
and three off the lead. But despite leading
the field in proximity to the hole and strokes
gained tee to green, his putting woes continued,
as he would finish 72nd in strokes gained to putting. If I just putt
normally, I probably would be right there
with those guys. If I just keep building
on this, on how I’m getting it right
now, I’m in good shape for two weeks from now. Finishing the week tied
for 23rd, his sixth top 25 this season, Tiger is primed
for another big event looming at Shinnecock. Those are the events
I really want to win. Sometimes, it may take you
an event or two or three to get ready.


23 Responses

  1. ben crawford

    June 5, 2018 7:30 pm

    I'm telling you right now, all he needs to do is bend over a little more when he putts! his line of vision is a foot out perpendicular to the ball. Look at his putting stance back when he was winning and he was looking directly down at the ball. SMALL ADJUSTMENT. He is 3 inches of bend away from winning.

  2. O. G.

    June 5, 2018 7:33 pm

    ….COLD PUTTER. I hope the story at the US open is not going to be the flip. Where he's like I cant hit a fairway but I putting great!

  3. anthony carlin

    June 5, 2018 7:43 pm

    this series is cool as fuck. i really hope it ends in a major win for the big cat. when he wins i think i will shed a tear with him as well, no doubt he will be overcome in emotion if he can finally after all the lows of the past few years, reach the top again. dammm that would be one of the best sports comebacks of all time. from near wheelchair to champion would be amazing 🙂

  4. Philipp 28

    June 5, 2018 7:53 pm

    The guy they first interviewed is the guy who dated Genie Bouchard after he tweeted her out #bigdickjohn

  5. Eric Walsh

    June 5, 2018 8:03 pm

    I’m a huge Tiger fan and I would love to see him winning again. But It is kind of annoying seeing these man-babies following him and consistently kissing his ass when the rest of the crowd is silent…

  6. Croquette Master!

    June 5, 2018 10:06 pm

    Je suis très heureuse que Tiger soit de retour ,,,,I am so happy that Tiger is back to the game I am looking forward to see  his first win……

  7. lucrative lyrics

    June 5, 2018 11:07 pm

    tied for 23rd??..who else was that low in the standings, & did they make a video about them? (no, so why bother talking about tiger woods – until he's #1, again

  8. Shawn Kelly

    June 6, 2018 10:14 am

    He was incredible from tee to green. If the putting comes around and he can stay a aggressive early he's got a shot.


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