A Simple Putter Upgrade To Help Improve Your Putting


Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And today I’m going to show you a very simple
putter upgrade that can make all of the difference to your putting. If you are interested in improving your putting. Stay tuned. [MUSIC] So what’s the best upgrade we can make to
our putter to try and help improve our putting. Here is my previous putter which I still love. It’s the Mizuno A301 putter. I cut it to length and I have put that in
other videos. The best length for me is 32 inches. Not the 35 inch standard putter length. It’s got a fairly thin grip on it. So when I take my set up and I take my putter
grip I can put a good stroke on it. But being a thin grip it does sort of promote
a little bit of wrist action in there. And I have always suffered from just having
a little bit of wrist action through the ball which I really don’t like and I have worked
hard to get out of it. And way back in 1988, I remember I had an
Old Master putter grip and I was going through some putting horrors at the time. So I found out I got a tennis racquet grip. Just a wrap and I put 1 around there it was
quite a light soft feeling grip. So I would wrap it all the way round. I started out with that and that made it quite
thick. And then i went another one. So I actually had 2 tennis wraps over the
top of my putter grip. And I noticed that by doing that it made it
quite easy for me to keep my wrists locked together. So it definitely improved my putting stroke. The downside of it was that with the weight
of the Old Master Putter grip and then the 2 tennis wraps on top of that i was very grip
heavy and it really did play around with the feel of my putter. But I used it for a while and I was making
more short putts which was what I was really struggling with at the time. But it came at a detriment to my longer putts. So I fiddled around and I added a lot of weight
down the bottom of my putter with lead tape. And eventually got a nice balance. So fast forward now to 2017. And we have some different options. So here is my current putter. Which is my SeeMore Giant M1t. And I have got one of the Rosemark 1.52 thorn
grips. So we can see here that there is quite a substantial
thickness difference in the grips. And this new one is very similar to the feeling
I had with the Old master putter grip with the 2 tennis wraps. The only difference is that this is made of
extremely light weight material. So whilst I get a benefit from being able
to lock my hands together a lot more efficiently. I am not losing out on the distance control. because it is such a light grip so I don’t
have to keep modifying and adding tape. So think one of the best upgrades you can
make to your putter is to get one of these thicker grips, with various thicknesses available. But play around with them and you will just
notice that by taking that grip it really does help lock those wrists together. And if we can lock the wrists together we
don’t get that sudden rapid acceleration through the ball. So that gives us the 3rd variable to try and
have to control with putting. I like to think of pace or timing as 1 variable
and length of swing as another variable. We don’t really want a 3rd variable as it’s
too much to actually look after. And it makes you inconsistent. Sure you can have good days. But you will also have bad days. So spend $25 – $30. Get a thicker grip and it will start paying
dividends with your putting. Thank you for letting me help you with your
golf. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And if you want to Subscribe to my YouTube
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3 Responses

  1. Stephen DiBari

    February 27, 2017 3:42 am

    Brian , that's a great tip. I've been playing a Scotty Cameron since 2010 and It has a thin pistol type grip similar to your Mizuno putter.

    I'll be getting fit soon for an EVNROLL putter which comes standard with a large grip similar to the Rosemark grip you have. I've yet to try it but looking forward to it. Their also counter balanced which will help me keep my hands quiet through the stroke.

    Check out the YouTube reviews on the EVNROLL putter.




    These are designed by the creator of the Rife putters
    The EVNROLL have varying depth grooves away from the center of the face that produce more energy on the ball and also produces a gearing effect so Mishits travel the same distance and direction as center strikes. Amazing technology

    Cheers Stephen

  2. Neil Bach

    March 1, 2017 4:20 am

    From the wisdom of Brian …"don't waste your money on golf lessons … spend it on your putter" … very good advice


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