"73 doesn't deserve a 99" – Padraig Harrington reacts to Irish Open Round 2

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ah Drake it was a magical day yesterday 63 beautiful conditions great crowd would you even after all you've achieved in the game still feel a butterfly's out there wasn't feeling butterflies yes a you know I'd feel them no problem definitely element hopefully I'll feed him on Sunday I was getting a nice buzz out there I stayed with the crowds and the support and the atmosphere and it was it wasn't said it was one of the more enjoyable rounds I've played it's very relaxed into group and just it was just a nice day more stressful today I can tell you that in that in that in those conditions you just work it so hard you know yesterday was just a stroll in the park I think people sometimes forget the hinge was beautiful yesterday but it's a very tough golf course look it is a tough course venue you know what they you know it slowed down the greens a base Dave gone generous with the pin positions you know so yeah it's they've made the course as easy as possible for us so so it's definitely a tough golf course what's the approach now this afternoon do you go on the range of another 99 do you know dude chill out how do you go into the weekend seventy-three does not deserve a 99 yeah I probably will hit some shots I would definitely practice my chipping a bish yeah hard to recreate the chip shots I haven't found the spot yet that gives me an interest in chipping here so yeah that's that's a bit difficult than the chips on the coarser great every one of them are you know great shots and just haven't quite found a chip in green here I'm gonna go there's a couple of them one gonna go look for a better a more interesting chip and green to get myself up to speed and those chip and runs that's look at weekend Porter thank you


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