2018 Elmira College Field Hockey Season Preview

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Practices so far this preseason have
been going really well. The team is really excited to be back and I think
that they’re very excited for the season. We’ve had a handful of practices to
prepare us for our scrimmage and we’re really just kind of trying to cover a
lot of our basic concepts in that time and then we’ll be able to re-evaluate
where we need to work on after our scrimmage. I think our preseason has been going
really well actually like the girls are working extremely hard, we’re putting in
a lot of time and effort. I know for the freshmen that have been coming in it’s
definitely been an adjustment and we’ve been helping them work through
everything and kind of just build up that team atmosphere. We always have room to improve with our stick skills and our endurance but I think the team came in
with a pretty good mentality that we’ll need to use to be successful this year. Being at home is great of course we don’t have to travel anywhere and being
able to defend our home field will be great. Also lets the girls honestly
acclimate to the beginning of the school year without having to be on the road so
as we begin classes that’s just one less thing that they need to worry about but
we’re very excited to be at home for our first three games as it’s quite unusual
for us. As being a goalie like I want to support my teammates and I know like it
is gonna be different not having a second goalie as a backup so I think my
goals personally is just to do my best try to support my teammates obviously
save as many goals as I can like we definitely want to win games but
I definitely think it’s gonna be a challenge but I know I have great
teammates and defenders that also have my back. This year I’m looking to make
more scoring opportunities for everyone like the forward line and just keep
working hard for my team and we’ll see how it goes.
My overall expectations for the team this season are really to just take one
game at a time and to play for each other. We’ve been focusing a lot on one
team one heart and we’re really going to rely on that concept to get us through
we face a lot of different types of teams a lot of different levels of
competition so really hoping for this group to stick together work together
and fight through any types of adversity and hopefully come out on the winning
side of quite a few games this season. I think this year we’re looking
to surprise some people with this small team I think we’re excited we have a lot
to prove individually and as a team so I think
we’re excited to turn some heads


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