10 Secrets in ROBLOX Games 6

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both the fridge door because this is 10 secrets in roblox games 6 body in 10 secrets roblox games 5 at wrong are strategically saving it for this one so without further ado this one you need to be on the school map as a warning you should probably turn your volume down beforehand but if you're anything like me who was listening to music at the time feel free to turn your volume up as agent like now that you've spawned in go to the room by the exit with the blue padlock once you're in here simply stare out the window and you'll see Bobby's big head looking back at you eventually he'll tuck away behind the wall but suddenly jump out towards you if me showing you this result in you having a heart attack then it wasn't me it was AK here's a cool little secret for you guys out there who played jailbreak most people often miss this secret because they're in a hurry to get far away from the prison as fast as they can but if you make your way into the sewers by opening and going down this hatch here you'll eventually get to the far exit but before deciding to leave choose this path on the left and you'll find this reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles look at them you feel kawaii so for this one all you need to do is spawn in and walk over here now if you jump through this sign which displays what the current map is you'll be able to access the secret tunnel after some swimming around diving and swimming back up again you'll come to this yes officer this game right here you do I hate to do it to him ok quick tutorial for those out there who have no idea how lumber tycoon 2 works you spawn in you go to the shop you go inside the shop you click and hold to drag this yellow basic hatchet box to the counter Chris EADS talk to thumb or Tom oh you pronounce that name Maya for 12 monies press your knee twice to open the box enter equip it bar graph on cut down a tree go back to the spawn while dragging the cut down tree but this time outside around the right hand side push it into the wood drop off if it doesn't fit cut it some more when it successfully goes in it'll go and you receive your money's repeat whatever diddly-doo I said previously until you can afford better hatches a utility vehicle and land for a hundred money's alright onto the actual secret now in preparation for this secret Squidward faintin item may you'll need to uh nope 'end ax boxes and some dynamite as shown before you can buy two basic hatches from the store in front of the spawn but for the dynamite you'll need to lower the bridge and drive to Bob Shack once you have these three items go back to the mainland and follow the road up to the mountain now instead of driving up the volcano go straight past the entrance and drive off here you will see another cave entrance where you'll need to use the dynamite be sure to have some distance or else you will be hurt from the explosion after that you can now drive through the area where you'll need to place a hatchet box into each hole and the rest is self-explanatory however if you do not see the Squidward painting in here that means you were unfortunately not the first person in the server to go and get it which means you have to try again in a different server another long one here but easy to achieve in roblox high school – you can find five of which I know of treasure chests around a map which can be opened for 1000 bucks each so to begin with I'll start with the place which I showed in 10 secrets in roblox games 5 next up is the one in the sewers a thirdly you have the one in the minds the next to take a little longer to get since one is fund in the school basement which you need a key for and the other one is only found at night so starting off with the basement treasure chest you first need to buy a key from Maddie's hideout which only appears on real weekends so unfortunately I cannot show you that right now but feel free to ask someone for help or tell people in the comments I'll be sure to give a heart to those of you who help others and I'll also add this secret to show in my next 1000 box games video finally is the one you can only find during that night more specifically around where this tree is by the road looks high school to developer statues and a behind the karma shop which also only spawns at night unfortunately this will be another disappointment to you guys who can't or haven't bought a gear which allows you to fly or get to high places yet but for those of you still interested equip the suitable gear and make your way up to the top where you'll see the treasure chests this one is really easy so all you need to do is watch and learn if you don't like waiting for things or simply don't even play welcome to blocksberg then the secret most likely isn't for you but if you do enjoy playing welcome to blocksberg or you're new to it then this one's for you as I've already mentioned you're gonna need a lot of patience since it can involve a lot of waiting around for the giant sea shell to spawn now that that's out of the way head over to the area behind the lovely number it'll spawn somewhere around where these two parts meet up another thing to point out is that you can tell where the round of in-game money I have that I don't really play this game very often so I'm not really sure if this is the only place where this giant sea shell would spawn maybe give it 5 to 10 minutes and swim back and forth up this area to see if it spawns anywhere else honestly I feel kind of stupid not known about this sooner if it wasn't for a friend of mine who pointed it out a while ago I would have most likely not have found out about it for possibly another year or two considering that people seem to not like playing on the map it's on but nonetheless it's better to share it now rather than never so here it is if you manage to get on the SS Bolivar map and go to the top of the front deck after that you should easily see the bacon flakes through the window this could have been added into the game back in 2016 when I made a gameplay of reason to die or later on in 2017 either way even if it wasn't added into the game because of my doings I still think it's a pretty cool story hidden in the game but this one all you need to do is be inside the school and jump into a bin I don't think all of them teleport you somewhere but if you find the right one you may even be teleported into this abandoned room which is also connected to the one below resulting in another cool place to hide out in alright for this final one all you've got to do is parkour up to where the balls are off eventually it will open and you'll have the opportunity to win a badge for completing this so-called insane Toby okay you can close the fridge door now


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